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(Paper) CLAT UG Question Paper 2008 : English Including Comprehension

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(Paper) Previous Year Question Paper (BA LLB) - 2008

Section - I : English Comprehension

Instruction: Read the given passage carefully and attempt the questions that follow and shade the appropriate answer in the space provided for it on the OMR answer sheet.

Example: If the appropriate answer is (a), shade the appropriate oval on the OMR sheet. Marks: Each question carries 1 (one) mark (Total 10 marks)

MY LOVE OF NATURE, goes right back to my childhood, to the times when I stayed on my grandparents’ farm in Suffolk. My father was in the armed forces, so we were always moving and didn’t have a home base for any length of time, but I loved going there. I drink it was my grandmother who encouraged my more than anyone : she taught me the names of wild flowers and got me interested in looking at the countryside, so it seemed obvious to go on do Zoology at University.

I didn’t get my first camera until after I’d graduated, when I was due to go diving in Norway and needed a method of recording the sea creatures I would find there. My father didn’t know anything about photography, but he bought me an Exacta, which was really quite a good camera for the time, and I went off to take my first pictures of sea anemones and starfish. I became keen very quickly, and learned how to develop and print; obviously i didn’t have much money in those days, so I did more black and while photography than colour, but it was a still using the camera very much as a tool to record what I found both by diving and on the shore. I had no ambition at ail to be a photographer then, or even for some years afterwards.

Unlike many of the wildlife photographers of the time, I trained as a scientist and therefore my way of expressing myself is very different. I’ve tried from the beginning to produce pictures which are always biologically correct. There are people who will alter things deliberately: you don’t pick up sea creatures from the middle of the shore and take them down to attractive pools at the bottom of the shore without knowing you’re doing it. In so doing you’re actually falsifying the sort of seaweeds they have on and so on, which may seen unimportant, but it is actually changing the natural surroundings to make them prettier. Unfortunately, many of the people who select pictures are looking for attractive images mid, at the end of the day, whether it’s dutiful or not doesn’t really matter to them.

It’s important to think about the animal first, and there are many occasions when I’ve not taken a picture because it would have been too disturbing. Nothing is so important that you have to get that shot; of course, there are cases when it would be very sad if you didn’t, but it’s not the end of the world. There can be a lot of ignorance in people’s behavior towards wild animals and it’s a problem that more and more people are going to wild places: while some animals may get used to cars, they won’t get used to people suddenly rusting up to them. The sheer pressure of people, coupled with the fact that there are increasingly fewer places where no-one else has photographed, means that over the years, life has become much more difficult littler professional wild life photographer.

Nevertheless, wildlife photographs play a very important part in educating people about what is out there and what needs conserving. Although photography can be an enjoyable pastime, as it is to many people, it is also something that plays a very important part in educating young and old alike. Of the qualities it takes to make a good wildlife photographer, patience is perhaps the most obvious –you just have to be prepared to sit it out. I’m actually more patient now because I write more than ever before, and as long as I’ve got a bit of paper and a pencil, I don’t feel fm wasting my time. And because I photograph such a wide range of things, even if the main target doesn’t appear I can probably find something else to concentrate on instead.

1. The writer decided to go to university and study Zoology because

(a) she wanted to improve her life in the countryside
(b) she was persuaded to do so by her grandmother
(c) she was keen on the natural world
(d) she wanted to stop moving around all the time .

2. Why did she get her first camera?

(a) she needed to be able to look back at what she had seen
(b) she wanted to find out if she enjoyed photography
(c) her father thought it was a good idea for her to have one
(d) she wanted to learn how to use one and develop her own prints

3. She did more black and white photography than colour because

(a) she did not like colour photograph
(b) she did not have a good camera
(c) she wanted quality photograph
(d) she didn’t have much money in those days

4. How is she different from some of the other wildlife photographers she meets?

(a) she tries to make her photographs as attractive as possible
(b) she takes photographs which record accurate natural conditions
(c) she likes to photograph plants as well as wildlife
(d) she knows the best places to find wildlife

5. Which does 'them' refer to in the 7th line in paragraph 3?

(a) sea creatures
(b) attractive pools
(c) seaweeds
(d) natural surroundings

6. What the writer means by ignorance in people’s behaviour is

(a) altering things deliberately
(b) people suddenly rushing up to animals
(c) people taking photographs of wild animals
(d) people not thinking about the animals in the first place

7. The writer now funds it more difficult to photograph wild animals because

(a) there are fewer of them
(b) they have become more nervous ofpeople
(c) it is harder to find suitable places
(d) they have become frightened of cars

8. Wildlife photography is important because it can make people realize that

(a) photography is an enjoyable hobby
(b) we learn little about wildlife at school
(c) it is worthwhile visiting the countryside
(d) wildlife photographs educate people about wild animals

9. Why is she more patient now?

(a) she does other things while waiting
(b) she has got used to waiting
(c) she can concentrate better than she used to
(d) she knows the result will be worth it

10. Which of the following describes the writer?

(a) proud
(b) sensitive
(C) aggressive
(d) disappointed

11. (a) acquintence
(b) acquaintance
(c) acquaintance
(d) acquintance

12. (a) ncglegense
(b) negligence
(c) negligence
(d) negligence

13. (a) grievance
(b) grievance
(c) grievance
(d) grievence

14. (a) hierarchical
(b) hierarchical
(c) luerechical
(d) heirercltical

15. (a) garanter
(b) garantor
(c) guaranter
(d) guarantor

16. They live on a busy road. __________a lot of noise from the traffic.

(a) It must be
(b) It must have
(c) There must have
(d) There must be

17. The more electricity you use. __________________

(a) your bill will be higher
(b) will be higher your bill
(c) the higher your bill will be
(d) higher your bill will be

18. Be likes walking._________

(a) Every morning he walks to work
(b) He walks to work every morning
(c) He walks every morning to work
(d) He every morning walks to work

19. It’s two years ________Sporty

(a) that I don’t see
(b) that I haven’t seen
(c) since I didn’t see
(d) since I last saw

20. What was the problem? Why___leave early?

(a) have you to
(b) did you have to
(c) must you
(d) you had to

21. Nobody believed Anm at first, but he-to be right.

(a) worked out
(b) came out
(c) found out
(d) turned out

22. We can’t _______________making a decision. We have to decide now.

(a) put away
(b) Put over
(c) put off
(d) put out

23. The accident was my fault, so I had to pay for the damage_________the other car.

(a) of
(b) For
(c) to
(d) on

24. I really object__________people smoking in my house.

(a) to
(b) about
(c) for
(d) on

25. A contract may be________if the court finds there has been misinterpretation of the facts.

(a) restrained
(b) rescinded
(c) compelled
(d) conferred

26. UNIT I

i) The Supertag scanner could revolutionise the way people shop, virtually eradicating supermarket queues:
ii) The face of retailing will change even more rapidly when the fibre optic networks being built by cable TV companies begin to be more widely used:
iii) The scanner would have a double benefit for supermarkets -removing the bottleneck which causes finstration [o most customers and reducing the number of checkout staff;
iv) An electrotic scanner which can read the entire contents of a supermarket trolley at a glance hasjust been developed.

The best sequence is:

(a) ii,i,iii,iv
(b) iv,i.iii,ii
(c) iv,iii,ii,i
(d) iii,i,iv,ii


i) Of course, modern postal services now are much more sophisticated and faster, relying as they do on motor vehicles and planes tiv delivery.
ii) Indeed, the ancient Egyptians had a system for sending letters from about 2000 BC, as did the Zhou dynasty in China a thousand years later.
iii) Letters, were, and are, sent by some form of postal service, the history of which goes back a long way.
iv) For centuries, the only form of written correspondence was the letter.

The best sequence is:

(a) ii.i.iii,iv
(b) iv,i,iii,ii
(c) iv,iii,ii,i
(d) iii,i,iv,ii


i) Converting money into several currencies in the course of one trip can also be quite expensive, given that banks and bureau de change charge commission on the transaction.
ii) Trying to work out the value of the various notes and coins can be quite a strain, particularly if you are visiting more than one country.
iii) Travel can be very exciting, but it can also be rather complicated.
iv) One of these complications is, undoubtedly, foreign currency.

The best sequence is:

(a) ii.i.iii,iv
(b) iv,i,iii, ii
(c) iv,iii,ii,i
(d) iii,i,iv,ii


i) She was right about three-curiosity, freckles, and doubt-but wrong about love.
ii) “Pour of the rings I’d be better without: Love curiosity, freckles, and doubt”.
iii) Love is indispensable in life.
iv) So wrote Dorothy Parker, the American writer.

The best sequence is:

(a) ii,i,iii,iv
(b) iv,i,iii,ii
(c) iv,iii,ii,i
(d) iii,i,iv,ii

30. UNIT V

i) This clearly indicates that the brains of men and women are organized differently in the way they process speech.
ii) Difference in the way men and women process language is of specially interest to brain researchers.
iii) However, women are more likely than men to suffer aphasia when the front part of the brain is damaged.
iv) It has been known that aphasia-a kind of speech disorder- is more common in men Ulan in women when the left side of Ihe brain is damaged maxi accident or after a stroke.

The best sequence is:

(a) ii,i,iii,iv
(b) iv,i,iii,ii
(c) iv,iii,ii,i
(d) iii,i,iv,ii

31. Down, aside, about, forth

(a) set
(b) fly
(c) bum
(d) Lake

32. Over, about, after, at

(a) cross
(b) lay
(c) here
(d) go

33. Forward, across, around, upon

(a) straight
(b) come
(c) fast
(d) mark

34. In, down, for, out

(a) pray
(6) try
(c) grow
(d) stand

35. Away, through, up, down

(a) stay
(b) come
(c) break
(d) speak

36. Prima facie

(a) The most important
(b) that which comes first
(c) at first view
(d) the face that is young

37. Sine die

(a) without setting a fixed day
(b) by voice vote
(c) applying mathematical concepts to solve a difficult problem
(d) signing legal document before death

38. Bona fide

a) Identification card
b) without doubt
c) in good faith
d) indispensable condition

39. Status Quo

a) legally valid
b) present condition
c) social position
d) side remarks

40. De jute

a) here and there
b) as per law
c) small details
d) side remarks

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