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Exam Name :  Bihar Board Exam CLASS-10 Model Question Papers

Subject : English

Year : 2017

                                                                 English (Compulsory) (X)


Set - 1: [Time : 3 Hours 15 minutes]                                                                         Full marks : 100
Instructions to the candidate :
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as
Figures in the right hand margin indicates full marks.
Write group number and question number with every answer.
While answering the candidates should adhere to the word limit as far as
15 minutes of extra time has been allotted for the candidate to read the questions.
Answer all Questions
Section - A
1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions in your own
words : 4×3=12
Television is changing people's lives quiet dramatically. They are sleeping less,
reading less, comminuting less with their families. In a countrywide survey, a tenth
of television viewers have admitted that the care of children and elderly is getting
neglected. While television has contributed to the popularity of games and sports,
ironically enough, children have reported that they play less. Television had
increased the general knowledge of children, in particular their knowledge of the
various products being advertised. The survey shows that hardly any child is
watching educational programme. The parents interview said that their children's
studies were affected. Many parents have cut off cable TV to reduce the distraction
for the children.
Question :
(i) What changes do we notice in the lives of the people under the influence of
(ii) Why do parents feel that their children's studies are affected while television is
increasing their general knowledge?
(iii) Why many parents have cut off cable TV connection?
(iv) What are two advantages of Television especially for children?
2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below in your
own words : 4 × 2 = 8
Old people say that childhood is the best part of life. They look back at their
childhood and remember all their happy days, the jolly games, the fun they had to
school, jokes they used to play and the endless discussion they had among friends
on almost every topic. Perhaps these old folks are right. They forget many things
that were not so pleasant in their childhood. There is a funny story that tells of a boy
who was crying because he has to go back to school after the holidays. The father
scolded him and said, 'Why, I only wish I could be a boy and go to school again.'
And all in a moment the father was a little boy and his son was a grown man like his
father. The father, in the shape of a little boy had to go to school and I can tell you
he did not like it at all. A child's trouble may be seen small to grownups but they are
very big to him.
Questions :
(i) How do old people describe childhood?
(ii) When old people look back at their childhood, what do they remember?
(iii) Why did the father scold the boy?
(iv) What happened when the father wished to be a boy?
3. Write a letter to your father describing the prize giving ceremony held in your
school in about 100 words : 8
Write an application to your Headmaster for the help from Poor Boys Fund.
4. Write a paragraph on any one of the following in about 60 words : 1×4=4
(a) The game you like most
(b) Life in a village.
(c) An Ideal Teacher
(d) A visit to a zoo.
5. Write a notice in about 80 words for you school notice board to invite students of
you school to participate in a Drama Competition. You are the cultural secretary of
the school 5

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SET-01 (Section-A)
Q. 01 Read the passage given below and answer the question that follow: 4X3=12
Ants are the most interesting of all insects because they are so like human beings in
many ways. They live together ,build their own houses and have a king and a queen . Each ant
has its own work to do and it does its work well. The very young ants, Who have just come out
of their cocoons are generally the nurses when they are older and their skins are harder they
are ready to leave the nest and do other kinds of work . Some of the ants hunt for food. Most
other kinds of insects go about looking for food, but it is always for themselves alone . But the
ants think of nest . They bring in food for the queen and other workers, as well as for
Q(a) How are ants similar to human brings?
Q(b) When do these very young ants leave the nest?
Q(c) How are ants different from most other kinds of insects?
Q(d) What jobs are performed by the very young ants?
Q. 02 Read the passage carefully and answer the following question: 4X2=8
In days gone by it so happened, there was a thirsty fox. He was wandering here
and there in search of water. In course of wandering fate smiled upon him and he
reached near a well. A little water was at its bottom. As he was much thirsty he
jumped into the well and drank water. The walls of well were high and he was
unable to get out from the well. In the mean time a thirsty goat came that way
and saw the fox inside the well. She asked the fox. What are you doing there ?
The fox said ,I am drinking the sweet water here , come down and drink this sweet
water. The goat jumped into the well and drank the water. The cleaver-fox got on
the back of the goat and jumped out. The foolish goat was entrapped inside the
well. She died there helpless.


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