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Exam Name :  Bihar Board Exam CLASS-12 Model Question Papers

Subject : English & Alternative English

Year : 2017

English (100 marks) (XII)
Model Set - I
Time : 3 Hours 15 minutes]
[Full marks : 100]
Instructions to the candidate :
1.Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.
2. Figures in the right hand margin indicate full marks.
3. Write group number and question number with every answer
Answer all Questions
Group - A
1. Transform the following sentences as directed without changing the meaning :          3
(a) You are too lazy to walk. (Remove 'too')
(b) Human nature cannot change. (Into Interrogative)
(c) Can a man live for ever? (Into Assertive)
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliary verbs :                                                        3
(a) You ............ give up smoking.
(b) ............ God bless her!
(c) You ............ respect your elders.
3. Combine the following simple sentences into one complex sentence :                          3
(a) You will waste your time. It is certain.
(b) He was found guilty. He was hanged.
(c) This is the house. I built it.
4. Change the following sentences into indirect speech :                                                      3
(a) My father said to me, "Two and two is four."
(b) He said to me, "Where are you going?"
(c) The teacher said to me, "Man is mortal."
5. Write an essay in about 150 words on any one of the following :                                    10
(a) Unity is strength (b) Pollution
(c) Benefits of Yoga (d) The Season you like most
(e) The value of discipline
6. Change the following sentences into passive voice :                                                         3
(a) They are playing cricket.
(b) Someone stole my book.
(c) He laughs at me.
7. Choose the correct tense forms of the verbs given in brackets and fill in the blanks
with them :                                                                                                                                         3
(a) She ............. (go) to Delhi last week.
(b) Columbus ............. (discover) America.
(c) They just ............. (finish) the work.
8. Use the following idioms and phrases in sentences of your own so as to bring out
their meaning clearly:                                                                                                                     3
(a) Get into (b) Keep on (c) Look at
9. Translate the following sentences into English :                                                                   5
(i) esjh ek¡ 5 cts lqcg ls dke dj jgh gS A
(ii) ;fn eSa i{kh gksrk rks vkdk'k esa mM+rk A
(iii) eSaus mls ikdZ eas cSBs gq, ns[kk A
(iv) gesa lR; cksyuk pkfg, A
(v) xaxk dks iznqf"kr ugha djuk pkfg, A
10. Make a precis of the following passage and suggest a suitable title :                              7
Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809. He was a self made man. His father was
a poor farmer. Abraham Lincoln worked first as a wood-cutter. But he wanted to
make progress in life. He learnt how to read and write. He got a job as clerk, then
he was a store-keeper and then a postmaster. He studied law in spare time. He
became a lawyer. He took up politics. Soon he was well-known as an orator. In
1860 he made a famous speech against slavery. At that time, slaves were kept in the
southern states of America. Same year he was elected president of America. He
was a great and good man. He was the greatest President of the United States.
11. Read carefully the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:                 4×3=12
Jumman had an old relation, a maternal aunt, who had some property. Thus
she transferred to him by a deed on the understanding that she would be welllooked
after. So long as the deed remained unregistered, non was so obliging to the
old lady as her nephew, non so considerate to her. Her every wish was anticipated
and cheerfully carried out. But everything changed the moment the deed was
registered. Jumman, who used to wait dottingly on his old aunt now became
supremely indifferent. His wife, Kariman, went even further. She grudged even the
little food that the old lady ate. No meal was now serve to her without Kariman
letting loose a barb or two dipped ingall. The very bread that the aunt ate seemed to
be seasoned with the meal of abuse. And this went on mounting. Kariman would
say, "How long is the old hag going to live?" by giving us a few acres of waste land,
she thinks she had bought us.
Questions :
(i) Who had a maternal aunt?
(ii) Who was Kariman?
(iii) Whose wish was anticipated and cheerfully carried out?
(iv) Who became supremely indifferent after the registration of the deed?
12. Match the poets given in List - A with appropriate titles from List - B : 5
List - A List - B
(a) John Keats (I) The Soldier
(b) Rupert Brooke (II) Song of Myself
(c) Walt Whitman (III) To Autumn
(d) D.H. Lawrence (IV) Macavity: The Mystery Cat
(e) T.S. Eliot (V) Snake
13. Name the poets who wrote the following lines : 5
(a) I harbour for good or bad, I permit to speak at every hazard,
Nature without check with original energy.
(b) For he's the master criminal who can defy the law.
He's the bafflement of Scotland yard, the Flying Squad's despair.
(c) Where are the songs of spring? Ay, where are they?
Think not of them, thou hast thy music too –
(d) There is a house now far away where once
I received love. That woman died,
The house withdrew into silence, snakes moved.
(e) Cold, impossible, ahead
Lists the mountain's lovely head
Whose white waterfall could bless
Travellers in their last distress.
14. Write in short, the summary of any one of the following poems : 5
(a) Sweetest Love I Do Not Verify
(b) Macavity: The Mystery Cat
(c) An Epitaph
(d) Fire-Hymn
15. Name the authors of the following prose pieces : 3
(a) Ideas That Have Helped Mankind
(b) A Child Is Born
(c) Bharat Is My Home.
16. Complete the following sentences on the basis of your textual reading : 2
(a) Dr. Radha Krishnan never lost his faith in ...................
(b) In many traditional societies in Africa and India, the biological family is
deliberately weakened by enforced ...................
17. Summarise one of the following pieces : 10
(a) How Free is the Press (b) India Through Traveller's Eye
(c) The Artist
Group - D
18. Name the authors of the following books: 5
(a) David Copperfield
(b) Arms And The Man
(c) Paradise Lost
(d) Coolie
(e) As You Like It
19. Write a short note on the future of English in India?                              5
Write a short note on Middle English.
20. Name any five Indian English novelists.                                                  5
Name any five English poets.
1. (a) You are so lazy that you cannot walk.
(b) Can human nature change?
(c) A man cannot live for ever.
2. (a) Should
(b) May
(c) Ought to
3. (a) It is certain that you will waste your time.
(b) He was hanged because he was found guilty.
(c) This is the house I built.
4. (a) My father told me that two and two is four.
(b) He asked me where I was going.
(c) The teacher told me that man is mortal.
5. (a) Unity is strength
The proverb 'Unity is Strength' shows the value of unity in life. Unity helps us
in enjoying every moment of life. In the good moments of a marriage, in the sad
moments of sickness and death, it is the unity of the well wishers that makes the
pleasure great and despair less. A united family, a united society or a united nation
is always powerful. The story of the farmer and his quarrelling sons is well know
to everyone. The sons could easily break each stick separately. But when the sticks
were tied into a bundle, nobody could break the bundle.
We can learn the same lesson from an army. The strength of an army is the
strength of all the soldiers acting together as one. Similarly, the success of a hockey
team or cricket team is the result of united efforts. We should follow this principle
in our personal lives. We should never indulge in quarrel with our friends and
5(b) Pollution
Pollutants are the key elements or components of pollution which are generally
waste materials of different forms. Pollution disturbs our ecosystem and the balance
and the balance in the environment. With rise of population and in increase in
industries, the problem of pollution is becoming more serious. Nowadays, the air,
soil and water are polluted. The water of river is no longer suitable for drinking.
The air is no longer fit for breathing. Release of industrial waste, mining and
deforestation exploits the soil.
Pollution not only affect human beings but also affects the nature, plants,
fruits, vegetables, forests, animals etc. It is crucial to control pollution as the nature,
wildlife and human life are precious gifts to the mankind. We must take steps to
reduce pollution.
5(c) Benefits of Yoga
Yoga is one of the most used methods in the mind-body connection. Yoga
refers to a type of exercise based on controlled breathing, diet, exercise and a
series of physical postures. Yoga is very useful because it helps us to control our
mind, contributes to health and works as a stress-reducer. The term 'Yoga' means
union. A Yogi's ultimate aim is to attain this union with the eternal self with the
help of mental and physical exercise. The entire credit goes to maharshi Patanjali,
the founder and father of Yoga.
Yoga is an art which takes into purview the mind, the body and the soul.
Today Baba Ramdev is spearheading the Yoga movement to make India and Indians
healthy and wise.
5(d) The season you like most
In India we have four seasons–summer, rainy, winter and spring. Each season
has some special features. In summer the days and nights are very hot. In the rainy
season we get abundant rainfall. The winter is the season of cold. Each season is
good in itself.                  

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English (Model Paper) (XII)

Total No. of Questions : 7
Set - I
[Time : 1 Hours 37½ minutes] [Full marks : 50]
Instructions to the candidate :
1.Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as
2.Figures in the right hand margin indicates full marks.
3.Write question number with every answer.
1. Answer any two of the following questions : 2×5=10
(a) What should be the rule about conversation?
(b) Why are order and safety necessary for civilization?
(c) Why was the author angry with the photographer?
(d) Why do some people have difficulty in writing letters?
2. Write in short, a critical appreciation of any one of the following : 10
(a) The Daffodils
(b) Everyone Sang
(c) If
(d) Echo
3. David Copperfield is a great work of child psychology. Discuss. 10
Give in short, a character sketch of Micawber.
Sketch the character of Betsey Trotwood.
4. Rewrite the following sentences as illustrated through examples I and II :5×1=5
Ex I. How do we manage our machines?
We don't know.
II. We don't know how to manage our machines.
(a) How do we put clothes? They haven' t told us.
(b) How does he turn the water off? He doesn't know.
(c) How do we reach the railway station? He doesn't know.
(d) How do we start the engine? The instruction doesn't tell us.
(e) How do we play cricket? The coach doesn't tell us.
5. Use the following words once only in the sentences below : 7×1=7
Worthless, trifle, reconstruct, filtered, enthusiasm, privacy, reconcile.
(a) The police are going to ............... the scene of the murder.
(b) Sea water must be ............... before you drink.
(c) In Germany before 1940 paper money was ............... .
(d) He cann' t ............... himself to the loss of that money.
(e) He has great ............... for religious books.
(f) We are planting a hedge-round our garden for more ............... .
(g) Don't worry about that broken vase, it was only a ............... .
6. Match the following words in List-A with the words in List-B having
opposite meaning : 5×1=5
List - A       List - B
Pure          Despair
Hope         Accept
Reject       Impure
Sharp        Quiet
Noisy        Blunt
7. What is simile? Explain and illustrate it with a suitable example : 3
Pick out the example of simile / metaphor : 3×1=3
(a) Shyama is as beautiful as a rose.
(b) I wandered lonely as a cloud.
(c) He is a man of iron will.
1. (a) While conversing with others we should be very careful about our
talk. In general conversation if there is a group we should take a fair
share of it and allow others to speak. If we are only two we should
share equally. It is not good to go on speaking and speaking. We
should give chance to other to speak. This is a good way of
(b) Order and safety are necessary for any civilization because no
civilization can develop in indisciplined society. Society cannot
survive without order and safety. If there is no order or discipline our
Downloaded from: w w w . c b s e p o r t a l . c o m Courtesy: BIHAR BOARD
society will destroy itself. If order and safety exist in any society
people can make a use of their talent freely.
(c) The author was angry with the photographer because the photo which
he got was complete distortion of his face and figure. His eyebrow
was removed. It did not look like a photo of his own.
(d) Some people have difficulty in writing letters because they have no
ideas. They use different modern means of communication in their
daily life. They are not accustomed to develop easy, informal,
interesting style of letter writing. So, they find difficulty in writing
2. (a) The Daffodils
The poem "The Daffodils" has been composed by William
Wordsworth. Wordsworth is known as the leader of Romantic
revival. He used the language of common people.
In this poem we see that the poet is wandering near a lake.
There, he sees thousand of daffodils fluttering and dancing in the
breeze. The waves are also dancing. The poet says that the golden
daffodils look like stars in the sky. The poet is very happy. His heart
is filled with joy.
Now the poet returns to his room. He is in pensive mood but
suddenly inner eyes of the poet catches the scene of dancing
daffodils that he had seen earlier. The poet once again becomes
happy. His heart is filled with pleasure again. He begins to write
about daffodils. He recollects the scene. This is the bliss of solitude.
(b) Every One Sang
The poem 'Every One Sang' has been composed by the poet
seigfried sassoon. He has composed many volumes of lyrics and
The present poem is an anti war poem which refers to the end of
the first world war. The poet says that the end of the war has spread
great joy and happiness everywhere. The poet compares his joy with
that of those birds who have been suddenly set free from their cages.
The war is like a prison. When it ends it gives freedom and delight.
The horror and ugliness of war time come to an end. Everyone feels
free. So everyone is celebrating the end of the first world war. Even
every soldier is happy. They are singing. The song may be 'wordless'
but it is felt by every soldier. The poet expresses his joy by saying
that this kind of joy will never be felt again.
(c) If
There is not the least doubt about it that the poem 'If' is Rudyard
Kipling's most beloved piece of poem in which he addresses his son


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