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Bihar Board Exam CLASS-12 Model Question Papers - Geography(Arts)

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Exam Name :  Bihar Board Exam CLASS-12 Model Question Papers

Subject : Geography

Year : 2017

Time: 3 Hours 15 Minute]
[Marks: 70
Instruction to the candidate:]
1-Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.
2- Figure in the right hand margin indicate full marks.
3- Write Section number, Group number and Question number with every answer.
Instruction: This paper consists of two Sections,
Section – I & II. Section – I consists of
Group – A and Section – II consists of
Group – B & Group – C.
Section – I: Group A of Section –I are
Objective Type questions. In this group question
No. 1 to 28 carry 1 mark each. Answer all questions.
Section – II: All question – Section – II are Non=Objective Type. Group –B of Section –
B are Short Type Questions. Answer all the 12 questions. Each question
carries 2 marks. Group – C of Section – II are Long Type Questions.
Answer all 3 questions. Each question carries 6 marks.
Group – A
Model Set - 1
(Objective Questions)
From questions no. 1 to 28 there are four options of which one is correct. In each
question you have to choose the correct option: 28 x 1 = 28
Which one of the followingurban agglomeration has highestmigrationpopulation?
(a) Mumbai (b) Delhi
(c) Bangalore (D) Chennai
2. Which one of the following Union Territories hashighest Literacy ratein India ?
(a) Lakshadweep (b) Chandigarh
(c) Daman & Due (d) Andmand & Nicoabar Island
3.Who is the propounder of stop and go Determinism?
(a) Ratzel (b) Humboldt
(c) Blache (d) Taylor
4.Which one of the Following European countries has the highest level ofUrbanization?
(a) Malta (b) Belgium
(c) France (d) Germany
5.Pilani town is an example of
(a) Mining Town b) Religious Town
(c) Industrial Town (d) Educational Town
6. Which of the Following is not a Rabi crop?
(a) Wheat (b) Rice
(c) Gram (d) Barley
7. Which one of the following is nota PlanationCrop?
(a) Tea (b) Rubber
(c) Coffee (d) Wheat
8. Which one of the following is a primary Activity?
(a) Agriculture (b) Trade
(c) Industry (d) Service
9. Jawaharlal Nehru Port (Nahawasheva)is ?
(a) Chennai (b) Mumbai
(c) Haldia (d)Kochi
10-  How many Atomic Power Station in India?
(a) 4 (b) 8
(c) 7 (d) 10
11- Which one of the following is a non-metallic mineral ?
(a) Manganese (b) Mica
(c) Copper (d) Iron
12- Indira Gandhi Canal area isin:
(a) Uttar (b) Maharashtra
(c) Tamil Nadu (d) Rajasthan
13- “Nagpur plan” is related to:
(a) Rail Transport (b) Road Transport
(c) Air Transport (d) water Transport
14- Coffe, sugarcane, tea, cotton are …………… crop.
(a) Fiber (b) Beverage
(c) Cash (d) Food 

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