CBSE Class-10 Exam 2019 : All India Scheme Question Paper-E-Publishing and E-Office

CBSE Class-10 Exam 2019 : All India Scheme
Question Paper-E-Publishing and E-Office

  • Subject : E-Publishing and E-Office
  • Time allowed : 3 hours
  • Maximum Marks : 80
  • Year : 2019

General Instructions :

(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Questions from serial number 1 to 4 carry one mark each.
(iii) Questions from serial number 5 to 10 carry two marks each.
(iv) Questions from serial number 11 – 12 carry three marks each.
(v) Questions from serial number 13 – 14 carry four marks each.

Questions :

1. Write the name of any one web browser.

2. Observe the following screenshot and answer the questions that follow :

Tryst with Destiny
Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, an now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will  awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance. It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to the service of India and her people and to the still larger cause of humanity.
At the dawn of history India started on her unending quest, and trackless centuries which are filled with her striving and the grandeur of her success and her failures. Through good and ill fortune alike she has never lost sight of that quest or forgotten the ideals which gave her strength. We end today a period of ill fortune and India discovers herself again. The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, to the greater triumphs and achievements that await us. Are we brave enough and wise enough to grasp this opportunity and accept the challenge of the future ?

What type of orientation does the above screenshot depict ?
What type of spacing (Paragraph spacing/Line spacing) does label (a) depict ?

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