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CBSE Class-10 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Security)

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CBSE Class-10 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Security)

  • Subject : Security
  • Time allowed : 3 hours
  • Maximum Marks : 80


(Employability Skills) 

Answer any 4 questions out of the given 6 questions of 1 mark each. 1x4=4

1. What percentage of non-verbal element is there in any personal communication ? 1
(A) 58%
(B) 93%
(C) 69%
(D) 38%

2. Which of the following is not a sign of stress ? 1
(A) Confidence
(B) Fatigue
(C) Sweaty palms
(D) Dry mouth

3. Which of the following is the benefit of good stress management ? 1
(A) Good mood
(B) Better immunity
(C) Physical strength
(D) All of the above

4. Which of the following is an Online Word Processor ? 1
(A) Google Docs
(B) MS Word
(C) StarOffice
(D) Gmail

5. Which type of activity are businesses ? 1
(A) Charitable
(B) Political
(C) Social
(D) Economic

6. Which of the following is not a renewable energy source ? 1
(A) Sun
(B) Natural gas
(C) Water
(D) Wind

Answer any 3 questions out of the given 5 questions of 2 marks each. 2x3=6

7. What are the types of oral communication ? 2

8. Well-managed stress is a positive thing. Explain. 2

9. Enumerate the steps for removal of files from a Temporary Folder. 2

10. Enlist any four qualities of an entrepreneur. 2

11. Define Green Economy. 2


(Subject Skills)

Answer any 10 questions out of the given 12 questions of 1 mark each. 1x10=10

12. In attention position, what should be the angle between the feet ? 1
(A) 900
(B) 600
(C) 300
(D) 450

13. In which year was the Disaster Management Act passed ? 1
(A) 2005
(B) 2007
(C) 2010
(D) 2011

14. In which method of extinguishing fire is the oxygen supply to the fire blocked ? 1
(A) Cooling
(B) Smothering
(C) Starving
(D) All of the above

15. What is the full form of the abbreviation IRB ? 1
(A) Indian Reserve Battalions
(B) Insurgency Reserve Brigade
(C) Independent Rashtriya Battalion
(D) None of the above

16. In which year was the Assam Rifles established ? 1
(A) 1657
(B) 1941
(C) 1768
(D) 1835

17. A computer can be broadly divided into 1
(A) Input Unit and CPU
(B) Input Unit, Output Unit and CPU
(C) CPU and Operating System
(D) Input Unit and Output Unit

18. What happens when Ctrl and A keys of a computer are pressed simultaneously ? 1
(A) Delete
(B) Copy
(C) Paste
(D) Select all

19. What is the maximum limit of characters in the username of an e-mail ? 1
(A) 14
(B) 24
(C) 64
(D) 44

20. In the human body, where is the radial pulse found ? 1
(A) Thigh
(B) Neck
(C) Wrist
(D) Shoulder

21. Where is the bowline knot mainly used ? 1
(A) Swimming
(B) Load carrying
(C) Sailing
(D) Mountaineering

22. What is the Police-Population ratio of India ? 1
(A) 122
(B) 141
(C) 137
(D) 160

23. On which form can private security agencies apply to the Competent Authority for licence ? 1
(A) Form 16
(B) Form 10
(C) Form 1A
(D) Form V

Answer any 4 questions out of the given 6 questions of 2 marks each. 2x4=8

24. Enlist any four types of unarmed combat. 2
25. Write about the phases of the disaster management. 2
26. Write the names of any four forces from Central Armed Police Force. 2
27. Write a short note on Basic Input-Output System (BIOS). 2
28. Write the step-wise process of tying a Reef Knot. 2
29. Enlist the principal components of a CCTV system. 2

Answer any 4 questions out of the given 6 questions of 3 marks each. 3x4=12

30. Which all items should a security guard wear along with the uniform ? 3
31. You are a night security guard at an office. You notice smoke coming out from a room. What would you do ? 3
32. Write the role and functions of a Traffic Officer. 3
33. In January, your manager had sent you an e-mail. You are unable to locate that e-mail. How would you locate it using Search Mail facility ? 3
34. Briefly describe the role of blood and blood vessels in the cardio-vascular system. 3
35. Biometric identification is securing our lives. Write a short note. 3

Answer any 2 questions out of the given 4 questions of 5 marks each. 5x2=10

36. Rescue and Evacuation drill is very important for disaster management. What are the benefits of such drill ? 5
37. Describe the organisation from the State level to police station of the Police. 5
38. What are the signs and symptoms of a brain stroke ? 5
39. What is the role and responsibility of a security supervisor ? 5


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