CBSE Class-10 Question Papers for IOP/Comptt Examination 2017 : Delhi Scheme, English (Language And Literature)

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CBSE Class-10 Question Papers for IOP/Comptt Examination 2017 :

Delhi Scheme, English (Language And Literature)


CBSE Class-10 Question Papers for IOP/Cmptt Examination :  English (Language And Literature)


(Language and Literature)

Time allowed : 3 hours

Maximum Marks : 70

Section – A


1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow : 1 × 8 = 8
This incident occurred when Bapu was practising law in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. His office was three miles from his house. One day a colleague of his, Mr. Polak, asked Gandhiji’s thirteen-year old son, Manilal to go and get him a book
from the office. But Manilal completely forgot till Mr. Polak reminded him that evening. Gandhiji heard about it and sent for Manilal. He said, son, I know the night is dark and the way is long and lonely. You will have to walk nearly six miles but you
gave your word to Mr. Polak. You promised to get him his book. Go and get it now. Ba and the family were upset when they heard of Bapu’s decision. The punishment seemed very severe. Manilal was only a child, the night was dark and the way lonely.
He had only forgotten a book after all. It could be brought the next day. This was what they all felt, but no one had the courage to say anything. They knew that once Bapu’s mind was made up, nobody could change it.

At last Kalyan Bhai plucked up courage. “I’ll get the book,” he offered. Bapu was gentle but firm, but the promise was made by Manilal. “Very well, Manilal will go but let me go with him,” Kalyan Bhai pleaded. Bapu agreed to this and Manilal set off
with Kalyan Bhai to get the book. The kind and gentle Bapu could be firm as a rock at times. He saw that Manilal kept his word and did as he had promised.

Questions :
(a) When the incident took place what was Gandhiji doing ?
(b) What did Mr. Polak ask Manilal to do ?
(c) What did Gandhiji ask Manilal to do ?
(d) Why were Ba and the family upset ?
(e) Why did the family not do anything ?

(f) What did Kalyan Bhai offer ?
(g) What was Gandhiji’s response to his offer ?
(h) What does this incident tell us about Gandhiji ?

2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow : 12
1. Elephants wanting to feed on crops are often hit by electric current from the electric fencing around the farms, while farmers without any electric protection around their lands suffer huge crop damage. A new idea to use bees to prevent
both the loss of elephant lives and the loss of crops seeks to change the way the problem of man-animal conflict is solved. Dr. Lucy King’s ‘Elephants and Bees Project’ has helped reduce such conflicts.

2. Dr. King heads the Nairobi-based ‘Save the Elephants’ (STE) charity’s ‘Human- Elephant Co-Existence Program’ and its ‘Elephants and Bees Project’, which is active in 11 countries mainly in Africa, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The project has
also been adopted in Karnataka’s North Kanara district by the non-profit Wildlife Research Conservation Society (WRCS). “A beehive fence is made up of interlinked real beehives, and ‘dummy’ beehives hung 10 metres apart and interlinked with a plain piece of fencing wire that, if disturbed, causes the whole fence to swing and bees come out of their hives to stop crop-raiding elephants,” Dr. King told The Hindu in an email interview.

3. According to Dr. King, elephants are wary of bees. “My studies have shown that elephants will run from the sound of disturbed African bees as they fear being stung around the sensitive parts of their body, like the eyes, inside the mouth,
and up the trunk,” she said. She said that STE’s studies have found that the fences are effective in 80 percent of cases, but male elephants are more likely to take the risk of bee attacks, especially in a herd, and cause damage. While Dr.
King’s work focuses mainly on Africa, she said that each project was different and beehives were being used for different purposes. For example, “South Africa and Gabon are using beehives to protect important tree species from being damaged by elephants,” said Dr. King, who completed her D. Phil on the project from Oxford University.

4. Inspired by Dr. King’s experiment, the STE website quoted WRCS officials as saying, “pre-recorded bee sounds were broadcast during crop-raiding events and they showed an instant withdrawl of elephants from the crop fields.” Following
this, they have set up low cost beehives in clay pots, bamboo structures and wooden logs to stop elephants. Apart from acting as defence mechanism for farms, beehive fences also act as an additional source of income, especially for
the poorest farmers. “The beehives can generate as much as 50 percent more income for them in a year from the sale of honey,” she said.

(a) What are the problems being faced by the farmers as well as the elephants ? 2
(b) How are beehives being used in South Africa ? 2
(c) Why are elephants cautious of bees, according to Dr. King ? 2
(d) How did WRCS use Dr. King’s experiment ? 2
(e) Find out the word from the passage which means fight/struggle. (Para 1) 1
(i) raiding (ii) trouble
(iii) conflict (iv) protection
(f) Find out the word from the passage which means ‘connected with each other’.
(i) interlinked (ii) beehive
(iii) dummy (iv) swing
(g) Find out the word from the passage which means ‘hurt with something’. (Para 3) 1
(i) stung (ii) herd
(iii) risk (iv) protect
(h) Find out the word from the passage which means ‘produce’. (Para 4) 1
(i) generate (ii) mechanism

(Writing and Grammar)

3. Recently you have come across many articles on the topic, ‘Beti Bachao, Beti
Padhao’. In spite of these articles, girls are not given due respect in the society. Write a letter in 100 – 120 words to the Editor, The Times of India expressing your concern over the problem. Give some suggestions on the role of the people and government in curbing it. You are Vaibhavi/Vaibhav, 12 Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. 5
You are, Sumit/Sobha. Many people have fallen victim to dengue and chikungunya in your town. Write an article ‘Fight against Dengue and Chikungunya’ by using the following hints and also your own ideas. (100 – 120 words)
Hints : Prevention better than cure – cleanliness – no waterlogging – in and outside – use mosquito nets – DDT spray – wear full sleeves – cover body parts.

4. Complete a story in 150-200 words based on the clues given below : 10

A boy was waiting for the bus at the bus stop. He saw an old man who was just crossing the road. Suddenly a car was coming towards him from the opposite side. The car hit the old man. The boy then ..........
Two friends were going through a forest. They saw a bear coming towards them. One of the boys lay down on a ground and the other ….

5. Read the paragraph given below and fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate options from the ones that follow : 1 × 3 = 3
Sir Leon said that, in future, computers would be (a) ________ which would be
(b) ________ enough to be carried (c) ________ pockets.
(a) (i) make (ii) makes (iii) made (iv) making
(b) (i) small (ii) little (iii) less (iv) smaller
(c) (i) on (ii) at (iii) in (iv) for


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