(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2023-24 : Carnatic Music (Melodic Instruments)

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2023-24 : Carnatic Music (Melodic Instruments)

  • Class- X Carnatic Music (Melodic Instruments)

  • Sample Question Paper 2023-24

  • Max. Marks: 80

  • Duration:3 hours

1.How to increase the speed of a phrase, four times in writing notation.
1. By putting two dots above the phrase.
2. By putting one dot above the phrase.
3. By putting two lines above the phrase.
4. By putting one line above the phrase.

2. Select a composer of Gitam
1. Paidala Gurumurthy Sastri.
2. Koteeswara Iyer.
3. Tyagaraja.
4. Papanasam Sivan

3.Which will be the resultaned raga, if the Nishada removed from the scale of sriranjini?
1. Hindolam
2. Abhogi
3. Kambhoji
4. Suddha Saveri

4. Which will be the Rishabha-Gandhara combination in the third chakra of 72 mela?
1. Ra - ga
2. Ra – gi
3. Ra - gu
4. Ri – gi

5. Identify the musical form which have only Swaras?
1. Jatiswaram
2. Swarajati
3. Geetam
4. Varnam

6.Choose the correct statement.
A – Sriranjini is a Shadava raga
B – Varnam can be played in several speeds
C – Geetam have several sangatis
D – 72 mela karta scheme is introduced by Tyagaraja.
Choose the correct option
1. A & B
2. A & C
3. B & C
4. C & D 



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