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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (E-Publishing & E-Office)

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (E-Publishing & E-Office)

Max. Marks: 30

Time: 2 hours

(Section A)

1. Which single shortcut key is used to insert/create chart for the selected cell in MS-excel.
2. My class teacher is having the result-sheet of entire class showing total marks for each student. She want me to help her in generating a summary report showing the following:

  • Student scoring 90% & above.

  • Student scoring 75% & above.

  • Student scoring 60% & above.

  • Passed Students.

  • Fail students

Which chart should I use in ms-excel?

3. (a) In a worksheet column A, B and C are showing the quantity of an item in 3 different departmental stores. If column D is to display the total quantity, write the formula statement.
(b) In Which cell should the above statement be written?

4. In order to insert a formula in an excel sheet, Which menu item is to be clicked?
What is the category type of IF ()?

5. In an excel sheet as shown below, I want computer to automatically set the value for column D as Pass/fail based on the condition.

Marks >=33, Pass
Marks <33, Fail

  A B C D
1  Roll no Name Marks Result
2 1001 Amit 73  
3 1002 Riya 27  
4 1003 Sunita 53  
5 1004 Radha 39  
6 1005 Mohan 83  

(a) Write the steps to accomplish the same in ms-excel.
(b) Write the condition Statement for Sunita.
(c). Can we achieve more than two values for result?

For example if marks are more than 75; set result to merit, if marks are in the range of 33 to 74 set result as Pass else Fail. If yes, how?

(Section B)

6. What is the difference between shear & Perspective tool? 2
7. Identify the tools for the following :-

(a) Resize the layer.
(b) Create Mirror image.

8. How can we deform a user defined selection area from an image? What are anchor points?

9. Suggest a tool in GIMP to correct predominant Colors in digital photos. Briefly illustrate about any one adjust Option?

10. Sanjana has got a project work in which she has been given a colored image of a birthday party. She is asked to convert it into a black & white image leaving the birthday child as colored. How can the task be completed.

(Section C)

11. Define:
(a) cookies
(b) cyber law
(c) firewall

(Section D)

12. What is the maximum size of a TIFF file? 1
13. What are the advantages of e-office and its application in e-governance?

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