(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper Hindustani Music (Percussion)

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper  Hindustani Music (Percussion)

Time allowed: 02 hours

Maximum Marks: 15


  • Attempt all questions.

1. Write in brief about the origin of Tabla or Pakhawaj.

2. Describe in brief about Faarukhabad or Nana Panse Gharana.

3. Write Teentaal in Tala Notation one Kayda, two Paltas and one Tihai of Delhi Gharana.


Do the Tala notation of one Dhamdar Tihai in Teentala.

4. Define any two of the following:

(i) Kriya
(ii) Graha
(iii) Marg

5. Choose the correct from the following:

(i) How many Ghar are there in Tabla Pudi?
a. 16
b. 18
c. 20
d. 24

(ii) Which Tall stars from Khali?
a. Jhaptaal
b. Sultaal
c. Khemta
d. Rupak

(iii) Which Gharana is famous for Chanti?
a. Lucknow
b. Delhi
c. Banaras
d. Ajrada

(iv) Faruqkhabad Gharana was established by whom?
a. Ustad Haji Vlayat Ali
b. Kallu Khan Miru Khan
c. Latif Ahmed Khan
d. Lacchu Maharaj

(v) With which Instrument Nana Panse was associated with?
a. Tabla
b. Pakhawaj
c. Santoor
d. Veena

(vi) How many varieties of Kriya is there?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 6

6. Do the Tala notation of one Dhamdar Tihai in Teentala.

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