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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (Information and Communication Technology)

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (Information and Communication Technology)

Time : 3 hrs

M.M: 70

1 What is the purpose of “FORM” in web page ?

2 Identify the following:
i. Software that literally spies on what is being done on a computer.
ii. It seeks to compromise a DNS server so that users can be redirected to unsafe websites.

3 Name any two activities that can be considered as a Theft of Intellectual Property.

4 Why is Phishing termed as a form of identity theft? 1

5 Proprietary software companies get a copyright for all of its software. What is its utility?

6 Name the two of the most common Web attacks that attempts to breach a website.

7 Who is a Netizen? 1

8 What is Cyberspace? 1

9 Give any two advantages of CSS. 2

10 Explain Workstation Licence. 2

11 Write the CSS code to insert the image of the butterfly with name btfly.gif as a background image for a web page

12 Write the CSS code to change the foreground color of text to #ff0000 in h1 tags

13 Write the CSS code to display the text of td tag in centre 2

14 Highlight the importance of DOM component of DHTML. 2

15 Consider the following CSS code:

h1 {font-family: arial, comic sans-serif, “Times New Roman”;}
Explain font-family.

16 Consider the following HTML code :
Father Name: <input type=”text” size = “20” name=”FName” >
Identify the internal name and explain its relevance.

17 What is a firewall? 2

18 Differentiate between GET and POST method of sending data. 2

19 List any 3 items that can be created using DHTML.

20 Observe the following code and answer the questions that follow:
Find Output
<select Multiple>
<Option> Science</Option>
<Option> Commerce</Option>
<Option> Humanities</Option>

i. What is the use of <select> tag in the above code?
ii. Explain the purpose of Multiple attribute of <select> tag.
iii. What output will be produced when the above code is executed?

21 Observe the following code carefully and answer the questions that follow:
<style type="text/css">
li {
letter-spacing:10px ;
<body> Creation of a project
<li>Design </li>
Predict the output of the above code while explaining the effects applied on
<li> in the CSS code.

22 Differentiate between Open source , Freeware and Shareware. 3

23 Write code to create the following HTML Form to accept User’s Information as part of a Magazine Survey:

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