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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (NCC)

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (NCC)

1. When was the Girls’ Division of NCC raised?

2. What are the two parts of a ‘word of command’?

3. What is ‘trekking’?

4. Name any two ‘air borne diseases’.

5. How can recycling conserve resources?

6. State the important considerations for being ‘at ease’ (vishram) position.

7. Mention any four parts of .22 Delux Rifle.

8. State the objectives of Obstacle training programme for a cadet’.

9. One of the most ghastly act of the British rulers in India took place on 13th April 1919. Identify the incident and answer the following questions;
a. Where did Jallianwala Bagh massacre incident take place?
b. Name the person who was responsible for Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

10. ‘Natural resources are mother natures’ gift to mankind’. In the light of the given statement enumerate the role of NCC in conservation of natural resources.

11. After determination of target, what are the next two steps of firing a shot?

12. State any six ‘man made disasters’.

13. What is ‘Drill’? What are the aims of ‘Drill’?

14. What do you understand by Social Service? Explain the three identified methods for conduct of social service.

15. From the given diagrams identify and explain the standard obstacles that the
NCC Cadet is required to negotiate during the obstacle training course in

16. Why is aiming by far the most difficult operation in shooting? Explain the laws of aiming.

17. Explain the three styles of communication? What does effective communication involves?


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