(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper (Social Science) 2016

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper (Social Science) 2016

Very short answers -VSA (1 mark)

1. What did the inland Emigrating Act of 1859 declare?
2. Name any one fossil fuel used to generate thermal electricity.
3. Give one special feature that distinguishes a pressure group from a political party.
4. Give one reason why multi party system has evolved in India.
5. With the help of an example each compare a single issue movement and a long term movement.
6. What is meant by ‘Fair Globalisation’?
7. Why do banks ask for collateral while giving credit to the borrower?
8. How will you justify that you are an alert consumer while buying a commodity from the market. Give two example/ situations to support you.

Short Answers-SA (3 marks)

1. The merchants and industrialists made a significant contribution to the Civil Disobedience Movement’. In the light of the above statement, explain their role in the movement.
2. How reinterpretation of history created a sense of collective belongingness among different community of India?.
3. ‘Napoleon was a great administrator.’ Explain the statement in the light to the changes he brought about in France.
Highlight the contribution of women in the anti-imperial struggle in Vietnam. Did they succeed?
4. How have biogas plants proved to be a valuable source of energy in rural India? Give its three benefits.
5.  Why do you think the northern plains of India provide favourable conditions where as the Himalayan mountains provide unfavourable conditions for the growth of railways? Give three reasons for both.
6. Assam with its extensive tea gardens and high production of crude oil has lot of potential for growth of tourism. What values are associated with promotion of tourism?
7. What are the differences between democratic and Non-democratic governments in the decision making process?
8. How Deepening of Democracy is a major challenge to modern democracies? Explain
9. What do you mean by foundational challenge in democracy? What values can help to overcome this challenge?
10. Define the term ‘liberalization’. Explain the reasons for the Indian Government beginning the policy of liberalization in 1991.
11. We often complain about lack of civic amenities like erratic water and power supply, bad roads garbage disposal etc. Name the right that gives us the power of question? Discuss.
12. Ravi works in a leather bag manufacturing and export company. He feels insecure due to introduction of flexible labour laws. How can the government help him?


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