(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2021-22 : Social Science

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(Download) CBSE Class-10 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2020-21 : (Social Science)

  • Class- X Social Science

  • Sample Question Paper 2021-22

  • Max. Marks: 80

  • Duration:3 hours


(Attempt any 20 out of 24 questions)

1. Who among the following was the founder of ‘Young Europe’ underground secret society in Berne?
A. Giuseppe Garibaldi
B. Giuseppe Mazzini
C. Count Cavour
D. Otto Von Bismark
Ans. B. Giuseppe Mazzini (Pg. 20)

2. Which of the following was the result of the Act of Union, 1707?
A. Unification of Germany
B. Unification of the kingdom of Great Britain
C. Unification of Italy
D. Unification of Vietnam
Ans. B. Unification of the kingdom of Great Britain (Pg. 22)

3. Identify the correct statement with regard to the ‘Zollverein’ from the following options:
A. It was a coalition of Prussian states formed to manage political alliances.
B. Its aim was to bind the Prussia politically into an association.
C. It was a Custom Union at the initiative of Prussia.
D. It helped to awaken and raise national sentiment in Europe.
Ans. C. It was a Custom Union at the initiative of Prussia (Pg. 10)

4. Which of the following countries were involved in the Three Wars with Prussia and ended with victory and unification of Germany?
A. Austria, Poland and France
B. Austria, Denmark and France
C. Austria, Turkey and France
D. Austria, England and France
Ans. B-Austria, Denmark and France (Pg. 19)

5. Identify the ideology under which people demanded freedom of markets in earlynineteenth-century Europe.
A. Romanticism
B. Liberalism
C. Socialism
D. Rationalism
Ans. B-Liberalism (Pg. 9)

6. Choose the correctly matched pair about the crops and the areas they are grown in:
A. Groundnut- Assam
B. Tea- Gujarat
C. Coffee- Karnataka
D. Sugarcane – Chhattisgarh
Ans. C. Coffee- Karnataka (Pg. 41)

7. The piece of land left uncultivated for the past 1 to 5 agricultural years is called _________.
Choose the correct option:
A. Barren land
B. Forest land
C. Grazing land
D. Fallow land
Ans. D- Fallow land (Pg. 10)

8. Which one of the following conferences was convened to discuss environmental protection and socio-economic development at the global level in 1992?
A. Kyoto Protocol
B. Montreal Protocol
C. Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit
D. World Summit on Sustainable Development
Ans. C-Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit (Pg. 3)

9. India has land under a variety of relief features. Which of the following features ensure perennial flow of some rivers, provide facilities for tourism and ecological aspects?
A. Plains
B. Plateaus
C. Islands
D. Mountains
Ans. D-Mountains (Pg. 5)

10. Which one of the following human activities has contributed significantly in land degradation?
A. Deforestation
B. Crop rotation
C. Shelter belts
D. Ploughing


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