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Question Papers For Board Examinations 2018

Class – XII

Subject – Marketing

Subject :- Marketing

Class : XII

Year : 2018

General Instructions :

(i) Questions from serial no. 1 to 14 are Multiple Choice Questions carrying one mark each. You have to write the correct option in your answer book.
(ii) Questions from serial no. 15 to 23 carry two marks each. Answers to such questions should normally not exceed 70 words each.
(iii) Questions from serial no. 24 to 29 carry three marks each. Answers to such questions should normally not exceed 100 words each.
(iv) Questions at serial no. 30 and 31 carry five marks each. Answers to these questions should normally not exceed 150 words each..   

1.Which of the following is a Shopping Product ?
(a) T.V. Set
(b) Raw Material
(c) Sugar
(d) Milk

2.The various stages in the life cycle of a product are listed in the following order :
(a) Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Saturation, Decline
(b) Introduction, Growth, Saturation, Maturity, Decline
(c) Growth, Introduction, Saturation, Maturity, Decline
(d) Introduction, Maturity, Saturation, Growth, Decline

3.The following of these are used for packaging of wheat :
(a) Wooden Boxes
(b) Cardboard Boxes
(c) Jute Sacks
(d) Plastic Buckets

4.Under this pricing policy, different customers are charged different prices :
(a) Skimming-the-cream
(b) Penetrating
(c) Follow-the-leader
(d) Discriminating

5.Skimming-the-cream pricing policy should not be adopted when
(a) the product is new and is a speciality product.
(b) heavy expenses have been incurred on the development and introduction of the product.
(c) demand is to be restricted to the level which can be easily met.
(d) the demand for the product is highly elastic

6.If one of the firms in an industry sets the price of the product and all other firms sell at the same price, it will be called
(a) Non-competitive price
(b) Option less price
(c) Follow-the-leader price
(d) Non-discriminatory price

7.They bring buyers and sellers together and negotiate purchase or sale on behalf of others :
(a) Brokers
(b) Wholesalers
(c) Retailers
(d) Cooperative stores

8.Harihar General Store in your locality keeps all kinds of goods required by local residents for their daily use. This is an example of
(a) A retail shop
(b) A departmental store
(c) A multiple shop
(d) None of the above

9.One of the following is an element of Promotion Mix :
(a) Product
(b) Price
(c) Personal selling
(d) Plant location

10.With reference to Newspaper Advertising, one of the following statements is not correct :
(a) It is suitable for consumer products of mass appeal.
(b) It can be used to communicate even with those people who are illiterate.
(c) It is a good source of income to newspapers.
(d) Cost of advertisement per reader is relatively low.

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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII