(Download) CBSE: Class XII Sculpture Paper - 2019

Question Papers For Board Examinations 2019

Class – XII

Subject – Sculpture

Subject : Sculpture

Class : XII

Year : 2019

General Instructions :

(i) All the eight questions are compulsory, which carry equal marks.
(ii) Answers to be written for question nos. 1 and 2 in about 200 words each and for question nos. 3, 4 and 5 in about 100 words each. Question nos. 6, 7 and 8 are objective type. 

Question :

1. Appreciate any of the following contemporary (modern) Indian sculptures duly based on its
(i) Name of the sculptor,
(ii) Medium & technique,
(iii) Subject-matter, and
(iv) Composition :
(a) Triumph of Labour
(b) Vanshri
(c) Santhal Family

2.Describe the main features of the Rajasthani or Pahari miniature-paintings.

3. Which are the human life-values and emotions shown in any of the following Mughal or Deccani miniature-paintings ? Explain in short :
(a) Krishna Lifting Mount Govardhana (Mughal miniature-painting)
(b) Chand Bibi Playing Polo (Chaugan) (Deccani miniature-painting)

4. Evaluate the artistic achievements of any of the following painters with reference to his particular painting included in your course of study :
(a) Ram Gopal Vijayvargiya
(b) Nandlal Bose

5. Identify any relevant contemporary (modern) Indian artwork included in your course of study comprising of the following features and explain them in that artwork accordingly :
(a) The human-anatomy is manifested with perfection in the sculptures of Devi Prasad Roy Chowdhury.
(b) The paintings of Amrita Sher-Gil reveal much Indianness.
(c) The graphic-prints of K. Laxma Goud express human emotions and deep attachment with nature

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