CBSE Class-12 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Food Production)

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CBSE Class-12 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Food Production)

  • Subject :-Food Production
  • Class : XII
  • Year : 2020


Employability Skills

Answer any 4 questions out of the given 6 questions of 1 mark each. 1x4=4

1. Fill in the missing word in the following sentence :

The moment he switched ___________ the television, there was complete silence in the room. 1
(A) of
(B) off
(C) on
(D) to

2. A person with an extrovert personality is 1
(A) Cooperative
(B) Gregarious
(C) Calm and hardworking
(D) Creative

3. Students suffering from schizoid personality disorder may exhibit which of the following symptoms ? 1
(A) Nervous and moody
(B) Indifferent and detached
(C) Demand attention to self
(D) Do not obey rules

4. NotesView is used 1
(A) For adding visible notes to a slide
(B) To delete the notes
(C) To view the notes
(D) To print the slides

5. What does ‘R’ stand for in SMART goals ? 1
(A) Realistic
(B) Reliable
(C) Recluse
(D) Resourceful

6. Indonesia is an example of Green 1
(A) tourism
(B) economy
(C) environment
(D) revolution

Answer any 3 questions out of the given 5 questions of 2 marks each. 2x3=6

7. Differentiate between hearing and listening. 2
8. List any four sources of self-motivation. 2
9. Sequence the steps of using Fontwork Gallery. 2
10. Which four factors should an entrepreneur consider for building teams for his project ? 2
11. Suggest four ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings. 2


(Subject Skills)

Answer any 10 questions out of the given 12 questions of 1 mark each. 1x10=10

12. What is the difference between the batters used for making khaman and dhokla ? 1
13. Name one snack especially prepared during Vinayaka Chaturthi. 1
14. What is the base of white gravy ? 1
15. Name two dishes which are prepared by using yellow gravy. 1
16. Name any two Indian sweets made from pulses. 1
17. How is ashrafi made ? 1
18. Name two garnishes for Indian dishes. 1
19. Suggest two fillings for dimsims. 1
20. How much time is taken for toasting the buns in a fast food joint ? 1
21. Why is soft wheat flour used for making cakes ? 1
22. Mention one factor which contributes to spread of cookies. 1
23. Define menu planning. 1

Answer any 5 questions out of the given 7 questions of 2 marks each. 2x5=10

24. List four major ingredients used for making bhakarwadi. 2
25. Why should onions be neither overcooked nor undercooked while making brown gravy ? 2
26. How is sugar syrup (chashni) of two-thread consistency prepared ? How does a chef know that it is ready ? 2
27. What four points should be considered while plating the dishes ? 2
28. Sequence the steps of preparing a subway sandwich. 2
29. Name the two types of yeast available in the market. What is their role in baking ? 2
30. Write any four characteristics of an à la carte menu. 2

Answer any 5 questions out of the given 7 questions of 3 marks each. 3x5=15

31. Briefly explain the following Indian breads. Mention the cuisine in which they are made. 3
(a) Sheermal
(b) Baati
(c) Sidu

32. Differentiate between the following snacks : 3
(a) Batata vada and Misal pao
(b) Chikvi and Ghugni
(c) Dimer devil and Singhara

33. Write one difference between the following Indian sweets : 3
(a) Chenna jilapi and Jalebi
(b) Double ka meetha and Khubani ka meetha
(c) Pahala rosogulla and Rasgulla

34. Write any six drawbacks of fast foods. 3

35. Give six reasons for using milk in baked products. 3

36. Why is cost accounting done ? Give six reasons. 3

37. What six precautions should be adopted while handling raw meat ? 3


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