CBSE Class-12 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Health Care)

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CBSE Class-12 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Health Care)

  • Subject :-Health Care
  • Class : XII
  • Year : 2020


(Employability Skills)

Answer any 4 questions out of the given 6 questions of 1 mark each. 14=4

1. What can you do to get rid of negative thoughts ? 1
(A) Ignore them and move on in life.
(B) Meditate to calm down and feel positive.
(C) Act based on the negative thoughts or feelings.
(D) Talk to a friend and share all negative feelings.

2. What steps should one take to build self-confidence ? 1
(A) Set goals in life.
(B) Appreciate oneself for all the achievements.
(C) Always think positively.
(D) All of the above

3. A series of sentences that are organised and coherent, and are all related to a single topic is a 1
(A) Phrase
(B) Paragraph
(C) Noun
(D) Verb

4. Which of the following is not a self-management skill ? 1
(A) Problem-solving
(B) Bargaining
(C) Understanding oneself
(D) Confidence building

5. Grooming is a term associated with 1
(A) Time management
(B) Self-management
(C) Neat and clean appearance
(D) Problem-solving 

6. A pollutant that can decompose is : 1
(A) Mercury
(B) Plastic
(C) Vegetable waste
(D) Glass

Answer any 3 questions out of the given 5 questions of 2 marks each. 23=6

7. Write down two differences between a Smartphone and a Tablet. 2
8. What are green skills ? 2
9. Enumerate two types of communication we use on a daily basis. 2
10. List any four characteristics of entrepreneurship. 2
11. Enumerate four inexhaustible resources. 2


Subject Skills

Answer any 10 questions out of the given 12 questions of 1 mark each. 110=10

12. Which colour container is used for kitchen and garden waste ? 1
13. Which position is recommended when the person is unconscious ? 1
14. In case of electrocution, what should be your immediate action ? 1
15. What do you understand by disinfection ? 1
16. What is autoclaving ? 1
17. What do you immediately do in case of a patient who is not breathing ? 1
18. Use of mask is important in patient care. Why ?

19. What is the meaning of isolation ? 1
20. What do you do in case of a blood spill ? 1
21. What is your responsibility as GDA in the prevention of falls in hospitals ? 1
22. Why is fumigation carried out in operation theatres ? Give two reasons. 1
23. What do you understand by critical thinking ? 1

Answer any 5 questions from the given 7 questions of 2 marks each. 25=10

24. Write down the importance of recording. 2
25. Colour coding is an important aspect in Biomedical waste management.Comment. 2
26. List two types of disasters. 2
27. Name any two eye ailments among the elderly. 2
28. Name two terminal illnesses. 2
29. Write down two milestones attained by toddlers. 2
30. What is the role of GDA if the patient has not passed urine since the past 8 hours ? 2

Answer any 5 questions from the given 7 questions of 3 marks each. 35=15

31. Write the purposes of documentation in healthcare institutions. 3
32. Explain Incineration as a method for disposal of waste. 3
33. Explain how sharp instruments are sterilized. 3
34. How will you prevent pressure sores in bedridden patients ? 3
35. On receiving a road traffic accident patient, what is your immediate responsibility ? 3
36. Explain the care for a patient who has not passed stool for the past many days. 3
37. Name three health problems among the elderly. 3

Answer any 3 questions from the given 5 questions of 5 marks each. 53=15

38. Explain the process of Bio-medical waste management in hospitals. 5
39. Describe the role of GDA in maintaining records about patient’s care. 5
40. Positive thinking leads to good results. Explain. 5
41. Describe five types of search and rescue operations. 5
42. Explain how you should communicate with a hearing impaired person. 5


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