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CBSE Class-12 Compartment Exam 2019 : Question Paper-Engineering Science.

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CBSE Class-12 Compartment Exam 2019 : Question Paper-Engineering Science.


Answer any ten questions.

1. Which of the following is not a permanent fastener ?
(i) Riveted joint
(ii) Welded joint
(iii) Bolted joint

2. Which of the following is the angle of a metric thread ?
(i) 600
(ii) 300
(iii) 450

3. Which of the following fasteners does not have a head ?
(i) Bolt
(ii) Set-screw
(iii) Stud

4. In which of the following joints is a flat wedge used ?
(i) Cotter joint
(ii) Knuckle joint
(iii) Coupled joint

5. Which of the following provisions are made in a protected coupling ?
(i) Flanges are provided
(ii) Coupling is covered
(iii) Rivets are used instead of bolts and nuts

6. What is a polyhedron whose polygonal sides of the base are connected to the apex called ?

7. While sectioning, at what angle are hatching lines drawn ?

8. Which of the following methods is used for the development of a prism ?
(i) Parallel-line development
(ii) Radial-line development
(iii) Appropriation method

9. A revolved section is used to show the shape of an object by placing it on the longitudinal view. Is it true or false ?

10. Show a section plane inclined to HP in case of a rectangular prism resting on HP on its base.
11. Which type of fastener is used to fix a machine to the floor ?
12. What will be the shape of a frustrum of a cone cut by horizontal plane ? 



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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII