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CBSE Class-12 Compartment Exam 2019 : Question Paper-Marketing

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CBSE Class-12 Compartment Exam 2019 : Question Paper-Marketing


Multiple Choice Questions (1 mark each)
Answer any ten of the following questions :

1.Which one of the following is an element of marketing mix ?
(a) Finance 
(b) Management
(c) Product 
(d) Accounting

2. Which one of the following is  not an example of industrial product ?
(a) Shirt 
(b) Leather
(c) Cotton
(d) Office Equipment

3. Sales tend to decline after this stage in the life of a product :
(a) Introduction
(b) Growth
(c) Saturation 
(d) Maturity 

4. Under which of the following pricing policies, a very low price is set to attract as many buyers as possible ?
(a) Competitive
(b) Discriminatory
(c) Penetrating
(d) Follow the leader

5. It is that marketing policy under which the manufacturer of an article places restriction on the price at which it shall be sold by one intermediary to another intermediary and ultimately to the consumers.
(a) Follow the Leader Policy
(b) Resale Price Maintenance Policy
(c) Non-Competitive Price Policy
(d) Marginal Cost Price Policy

6. They purchase goods in large quantities  from the manufacturers and sell them in small lots directly to the consumers :
(a) Small retailers
(b) Departmental stores
(c) Wholesalers
(d) None of the above 


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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII