CBSE Class-12 Compartment Exam 2019 : Question Paper- Web Applications

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CBSE Class-12 Compartment Exam 2019 : Question Paper- Web Applications


I. Multiple Choice Questions (Attempt any ten questions). 1x10=10

1. __________ can be used to look at the sequence or the ordering of the clip in your project and easily rearrange them. 1
(a) Preview Monitor
(b) Timeline
(c) Storyboard
(d) Tasks Pane

2. PDF stands for __________ . 1
(a) Portable Disc Format
(b) Published Data Format
(c) Priority Digital Format
(d) Portable Document Format 

3. +"42" will produce the following output : 1
(a) "42"
(b) 42
(c) +42
(d) NaN

4. A file with extension __________ can contain just sound and no video. 1
(a) .mp4
(b) .mov
(c) .mpeg
(d) .qt

5. __________ is a freeware non- linear, non-destructive video compositing and editing system. 1
(a) Zwei-Stein Video Editor
(b) WHAM
(c) Dreamweaver
(d) Flash

6. Identify which of the following is a conditional operator. 1
(a) =
(b) >>>
(c) %
(d) ?:

7. Which of the following is not a web browser ? 1
(a) Google Chrome
(b) Internet Explorer
(c) Mozilla Firefox
(d) Photoshop 

8. .avi is a file extension for __________ files. 1
(a) Video
(b) Audio
(c) Picture
(d) Web page

9. To import consecutive clips in Movie Maker click the first video clip in the list, press and hold down the __________ Key. 1
(a) ALT
(c) CTRL

10. If A = 10 and B = 25, what will be the output  of A&&B ? 1
(a) 35
(b) TRUE
(d) 250

11. Which of the following is an example of a loop ? 1
(a) switch
(b) if-else
(c) do-while
(d) array

12. JavaScript __________ are  ‘‘containers’’ for storing information. 1
(a) functions
(b) control structures
(c) data types
(d) variables


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