CBSE Class-12 Compartment Exam 2020 : Question Paper- Entrepreneurship

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CBSE Class-12 Compartment Exam 2020 : Question Paper- Entrepreneurship

Fill in the blanks : 

Q1. ___________ can be described as an economic idea which can be implemented to create a business enterprise and earn profits.   

Q2. Ramesh is working as a salesman in a company engaged in the marketing of readymade garments. He gets a monthly salary of < 50,000 besides many other benefits. He is doing this work to earn his living and satisfy the materialiastic and social requirements. He is not doing this work out of love, care and affection. Ramesh has undertaken ____________ activity.   

Q3. Monica and Monisha are working in an organisation that manufactures industrial machines. One day during the lunch time, they were discussing about the form of the organisation in which they were working. Monica described to Monisha the form of her organisation as one which has an independent status, different from its members. She added that her organisation cannot be held liable for the actions of its members. Monisha further added that the organisation is created by law and could be liquidated by law only. Monica and Monisha are discussing about ___________ form of organisation.       

Q4. __________ is the only revenue generating element among the four Ps of marketing, the rest being cost centres.   

Q5. A comprehensively written document prepared by an entrepreneur formally describing all the relevant external and internal elements, involved in starting a new venture is called __________ . 

Q6. The role of transferring financial resources from the surplus units to the deficit units is referred to as ___________ .  


 __________ shows expected inflows and outflows of cash.  State whether the following statements are true or false : 

Q7. LKP Airlines wants to expand its operations. One of the important political factors it should consider is the landing rights of airlines in foreign countries.  

Q8. All businesses guarantee for the return of either principal amount invested in the business or profit.  


 Mutual agency as a characteristic of partnership states that each partner in liable for the acts performed by the other partners.  

Q9. Rights Issue means direct sale of securities by a company to a limited number of sophisticated investors.  

Q10. Distributive negotiations are commonly referred to as ‘win-win’.  

Q11. In Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry, the relationship between unit price and unit cost could be 80% to 85% (Cost as a percentage of selling price).     

Q12. Obsolescence is the increase in demand due to advancement in technology.    


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