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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (Creative Writing and Translation Studies)

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (Creative Writing and Translation Studies)

Max. Marks: 80


The Question paper is divided into three sections:

Section A: Reading Comprehension 20 marks
Section B: Creative Writing Skills 20 marks
Section C: Translation 20 marks
Section D: Text 20 mark

General Instructions

1. All questions are compulsory.
2. You may attempt any section at a time.
3. All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.


Reading – 20 marks

1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

 Yoga Tourism opens up tremendous opportunities as it is for everyone. People of all generations and fitness levels can find classes suitable for them.The practice of Yoga also helps one to achieve peace and tranquility through focused training. At the time when job responsibilities, kids’ needs, spouse’s demands, and never-ending to-do lists can easily overwhelm us, yoga teaches us to relax, de-clutter our minds, and create a space for ourselves where we can be happy and at peace with ourselves.

There are many forms of ‘yoga’ one can pursue, depending on one’s preferences and lifestyles. There is relaxation yoga where breathing exercises and meditation techniques are stressed upon; there is power yoga for those who are looking to increase their body’s stamina and resistance power; there is prenatal yoga for pregnant women, and there is Hatha Yoga for beginners who want to learn basic postures at a comfortable pace.. We need to remember that 'Yoga' for Indians and 'Yoga' for foreigners is not the same thing. Many American yoga students, for example, are fiercely independent and self-reliant. For some, yoga is a not-too-strenuous way to lose fat effectively, or reduce their stress. For others, yoga might mean doing strenuous postures to become more flexible, firm up their abs, or attain slender muscularity. Others might be looking for ways to reverse the onset of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and arthritis. This commodification of 'Yoga' is crucial today, if you want to earn from it.

June 21 has created an opportunity for the entire Indian travel and tourism fraternity to boost inbound tourism to the country. Yoga tours are already being conducted regularly, with clientele from France, USA, Germany, Russia, and several other countries. With the World Yoga Day branding, the Yoga is now known all over the world, and the niche tourism products in the field with dedicated Yoga packages are bound to do well in such a scenario.

Yoga tourism is not only good for ashram services sector but also for hospitality sector in general. Besides foreign tourists, corporate houses and companies from India and abroad popularly opt for Yoga sessions for their employees as offsite training programmes. It presents several more opportunities for those who are working for the tourism industry.

Here is a word of caution though. Despite all the branding and marketing efforts, Yoga tourism can only pick up when we offer quality to the tourists. India has an edge over countries because the trips to India are moderately priced and offer several budget options too. It is also believed to be the country where roots of Yoga lie. If you can build upon premise, and offer world-class services and real results to wellness tourists, you are bound to do well as Yoga tourism operator, trainer or service provider.

1.1 On the basis of your understanding of the passage answer the following:--

a. Would you want to visit a country for yoga tourism? Why or why not?
b. What drawbacks do you think yoga tourists might find in India?
c. How are power yoga and relaxation yoga different?
d. How can yoga tourism be encouraged in India?
e. Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following:-

i calmness
ii capable of bending

2 Read the story given below and answer the questions that follow:-

I was driven one afternoon in November, 1896, by a rain of such chilling copiousness that any shelter was preferable to exposure. Now I found myself upon an apparently abandoned road which I had chosen as the shortest cut to Arkham, overtaken by the storm at a point far from any town, and confronted with no refuge save the antique and repellent wooden building which blinked with bleared windows from between two huge leafless elms near the foot of a rocky hill. Distant though it is from the remnant of a road, this house none the less impressed me unfavorably the very moment I espied it.

had somehow taken it for granted that the house was abandoned, yet as I approached it I was not so sure, for though the walks were indeed overgrown with weeds, they seemed to retain their nature a little too well to argue complete desertion. Therefore instead of trying the door I knocked, feeling as I did so a trepidation I could scarcely explain. As I waited on the rough, mossy rock which served as a door-step, I glanced at the neighboring windows and the panes of the transom above me, and noticed that although old, rattling, and almost opaque with dirt, they were not broken. The building, then, must still be inhabited, despite its isolation and general neglect. However, my rapping evoked no response, so after repeating the summons I tried the rusty latch and found the door unfastened. Inside was a little vestibule with walls from which the plaster was falling, and through the doorway came a faint but peculiarly hateful odor.

I entered, carrying my bicycle, and closed the door behind me. Ahead rose a narrow staircase, flanked by a small door probably leading to the cellar, while to the left and right were closed doors leading to rooms on the ground floor.

Leaning my cycle against the wall I opened the door at the left, and crossed into a small low-ceiled chamber but dimly lighted by its two dusty windows and furnished in the
barest and most primitive possible way.

On the basis of your understanding of the passage answer the following :--

a. What does the author mean when he says, “ this house nonetheless impressed me unfavorably”
b. What kind of weather is described in the beginning of the passage?
c. Why did he think that the house was abandoned?
d. What was the condition of the house?
e. Why did he enter the room?
f. Find out a word from the story which means the same as --”not clear because of mist

3.Read the poem and answer the questions that follow:-

The sky is full of the sun and the stars
The universe is full of life
Among all these I have found a place
And in wonder and amazement I sing.
The world is swayed
By eternity's rushing tide
Rising and falling
I have felt its tug in my blood
Racing through my veins
And in wonder and amazement I sing.
While walking in the woodlands
With my feet I have touched the blades of grass
I have been startled by the flowers' fragrance
They have all maddened my mind
The gifts of gladness and joy
Are strewn all around
And in wonder and amazement I sing.
I have pricked my ears
I have opened my eyes
I have bared my heart to the world
In the midst of the known
I have sought the unknown
And in wonder and amazement I sing

a. What could be the reason for “wonder and amazement” in the first stanza?
b. What is the dilemma for the poet?
c. What could be the reason for the poet’s amazement in the woodlands?
d. Name the poetic device used in the line- “They have all maddened my mind

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