(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 : Entrepreneurship

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 : Entrepreneurship








What is meant by ‘mutual agency of partners’?




Since her college days Mehak, loved the thrill of adventure sports. She

was an avid reader which helped her to keep track of various new adventure sports taken up all around the world. She had recently read an article on increasing trend towards 'space tourism and adventurous holidays'. Using her personal experiences and her passion for adventure sports she decided to start a company called ‘YOLO’. For the same purpose she also decided to collect statistics to see how much of these sports were accepted in our country.  Identify the ways in which she was able to spot the trend.




'For a viable venture to be born, an entrepreneur is required to apply his

knowledge, skill, competencies and creativity strategically to market'. Identify the requirement to be complied with by these factors for successful processing of an idea into opportunity.




Although not mandatory, some entrepreneurs may file part I of

entrepreneurs memorandum District Industries Centre. Why?




What is meant by ‘financial management’?




Fizz & Lime is an established beverage company which started bottling

Wheat Grass Juice; Bitter gourd with Jamunand Amla with Aloevera. It is planning to expand externally without compromising on the unique taste of these drinks.

Belligio Juices got exclusive rights to manufacture and sell Wheat Grass and Amla Aloe under the name Fizz& Lime. Belligio Juices had to use only the ingredients supplied by Fizz& Lime to produce, bottle and distribute the two drinks.

a. Identify and explain the form of external expansion adopted by Fizz& Lime.

b. State any one feature of this form of expansion.




State any two factors which lead to effective employee relationship.




"Human life is built around works". Identify the form of Business

Organisation being talked about in the following sentences:-

(a)"The one-man control is the best in the world if that man is big enough to manage everything."

(b)"Two heads being better than one." (c)"Self-help as well as mutual help system."

(d)The birth of this legal person is by law and can be put to death by law





Chacko Ltd. has been manufacturing umbrellas since 1980. They are the market

leaders in manufacturing small hand size umbrellas. They have their production




unit in Kochi. The MD’s son- Abraham Chacko took over the family business in

2010. He had finished graduation from USA. Using his educational and networking skills , he was able to take up an export order. He also decided to operate an exclusive export oriented unit in Chellanam. The production work for this unit began in 2014. A dedicated team framed an operational plan for the entire process. Abraham visited the plan to evaluate and take appraisal of the work performed in the unit. State two ways as to how it will help Abraham.




Why does an entrepreneur need to scan environment? Explain.




Diary foods ltd., has been well known for it’s products throughout India.

They started manufacturing Biscuits and chocolates in the year 1995 and slowly built their brand. The company occupied the top position in terms of sales and it increased it’s product range also. By 2010 they were the undisputed leader in the field of confectionaries. Their annual general meeting was held wherein the Board of directors felt that the company should also be socially responsible in doing their business. They decided to use new technologically advanced recycled paper for all their products which would retain the freshness of their products as well as contribute towards the saving of our planet.

By doing this the company has modified their goods in a particular way to

create a new product of greater value to the customers. Identify the concept mentioned above and explain it from financial and marketing point of view.




Explain any three sources which lead to the emergence of basic ideas.




Differentiate between Standardized product and Customized product.

Which channel of distribution is best suited for customized product/goods?




Explain the following features of a cooperative society:

Democratic management Capital and return thereon Distribution of surplus




Aditi started a beauty parlor business. She spend Rs.30,00,000/- to open

the parlor of which she invested   14,00,000/- of her own money and borrowed a loan for   16,00,000/-. Interest rate per annum is 14%. Sales revenue per month is   1,60,000/-. Cost of goods sold is   60,000/- per month. Fixed expenses for that month is 60,000/- (salary   40,000/-, rent and utility   20,000/-), depreciation    30,000/- and tax @ 15%.




Ms. Rosy is a readymade garments manufacturer. Her Annual Usage rate is 225Pcs. The cost of placing each order is Rs.8/- and the carrying cost is Rs.4 per unit. Calculate the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ).

How does calculating EOQ facilitate budgeting?




Ram was very thrilled with his new job. He was placed in a small factory

manufacturing door knobs as a stock keeper. After a few days, while taking stock he understood that nuts and various small parts constituted majority of the cost of production .After some time, the firm went into a loss and the owner decided to look into the various factors that could have constituted the loss. Ram




expressed his concern that inventory was not properly maintained and that

there are various techniques which are involved and if followed properly the company will not be in a loss. The owner agreed to the suggestion. He also decided to take help from some specialized government institution initiate steps for technological up gradation, and modernization of existing units.

a. What technique was suggested by Ram? Explain it.

b. Which specialized Financial institution is the owner thinking of approaching and state any one of it’s objectives?




Shahida, a student of School of Rug Weaving Institute, Turkey, visited her

grandparents in Kashmir for the first time. Breathtaking mountain scenery, clear lakes, lush vegetation and magnificent forests mesmerized her. The valley is home to a rich biodiversity including a large number of bird species, many of which are unique to Kashmir. It is home to Yak and sheep that are taken care of by nomads. Kashmiri lifestyle is essentially slow paced and reflects religious diversity. Kashmiris are known to enjoy their music in its various local forms, and the traditional dress of both genders is often quite colorful. Tulip, Saffron, dry fruits and artistic woodwork are its hallmark.

She also observed that the government was stable and all the tourist

places were well guarded by the army.

She found it to be an ideal place to start a unit for carpet weaving and employ local people to preserve the ethnic touch. After the devastating floods a considerable population was rendered jobless, her unit would help to revive their economic condition. She started scanning and screening the environment and collected the following information.

a. Help her categorize the information making use of PESTEL MODEL.(Any three)

b. Also state a value communicated by Shahida.




‘Floral Art and Craft’ opened its first store in Mumbai in the year 2010with the objective of providing its customers with fresh flowers creatively packed and value for money.

It procures fresh flower directly from the farmers. The organization makes sure that the farmers adopt organic means to nourish the soil and do not use chemical fertilizers as it degrades the soil fertility.

Packaging material is procured from specially abled crafts man of I CAN. Floral Art and Craft’s face book and twitter page encourages two way communication with its customers. These social media channels provide a platform through which it can interact with customers and access their opinion about the brand. The store also uses direct e-mails to their frequent customers to inform them about different schemes and other promotional messages. Its website promotes the store by organizing different flower decorating classes and competitions using the products of I CAN.

A. Identify the promotion strategy adopted by I CAN. Also state the lines

from the text that helped to identify the form.

B. State any two features of this type promotion strategy.



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