(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2021-22: Entrepreneurship

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2021-22 : Entrepreneurship

Sample Question Paper (Term-1) 2021-22

Subject Name : Entrepreneurship

Time Allowed: 90

Subject Code: 066

Minutes Maximum Marks: 40

1 "One-man control is best in the world if that man is big enough to manage everything." This statement holds true for ____________ form of business organization.
a. Private company
b. Sole proprietor
c. Partnership
d. Public company
2 Partnership form of organisation was developed due to the inherent limitations of sole proprietorship. One of them is limited capital, identify the other two?
a. Limited managerial ability, limited continuity
b. Limited continuity, unlimited liability
c. Limited managerial ability, unlimited liability
d. Lack of secrecy, limited continuity
3 _______________ section of the business plan generally begins with the "mission statement" by the entrepreneur describing the size, scope and nature of the enterprise.
a. Description of business Venture
b. Introductory profile
c. Industry profile
d. Entrepreneur’s biodata
4 A Company is called an artificial person because ____.
a. it does not have the shape of a natural person.
b. it cannot be sued in the court of law.
c. it is invisible and intangible.
d. it exists in the eyes of law. 
5 Which of the following factors does the macro-environment not include?
a. Political and regulatory factors.
b. Customer needs in a given market.
c. Social and demographic factors.
d. Technological changes
6 Which of the following formats of business plan is not targeted towards the external stakeholder?
a. Elevator pitch
b. A pitch deck with oral narrative
c. A written presentation for external stakeholders
d. An internal operational plan
7 What is the minimum number of members required to start a public company?
a. 2
b. 5
c. 7
d. 50
8 A company generally affixes a ………….in most of it’s documents
a. Common signature
b. Common Seal
c. Common affixture
d. Common annexure
9 An idea should eventually lead to success of the venture of an entrepreneur. Which among the following ideas will an entrepreneur have to select?
a. Basic idea
b. Any random idea
c. Idea developed before environmental scanning
d. Idea developed after environmental scanning
10 (i) Each partner is liable for acts performed by other partners
(ii) Each partner can bind other partners and the firm by his acts done in the ordinary course of business.
Which feature of partnership is highlighted by these two statements?

a. Implied authority
b. Utmost good faith
c. Mutual Agency
d. Agreement 

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