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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (Fashion Studies)

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (Fashion Studies)

Time: 3hours M.M.70


Q1. Define the term ‘roll line’.

Q2.How much should be the seam allowance on side seam and straight hemline of a garment?

Q3. Why ‘Kani’ were regarded as luxuries in Europe?

Q4.From where the word ‘ready to wear’ is derived?

Q5. Name any two fabrics used frequently for men’s casual wear garments.

Q6. Suggest an underlining to achieve a luxurious finish.

Q7.Mention the method to achieve Kimono sleeve.

Section –B

Q8.State the origin of the word ‘Khaki’. Why Khaki coloured uniforms have become synonymous with uniform and law enforcement services in India? 2

Q9. What were the prevalent radical options in draping the sari during 1970? 2

Q10. The famous designer Schiaparelli’s designs had an artistic approach and influenced by

Surrealism movement.’ Support the statement by giving relevant example. 2

Q11. A popular finish bias piping is used for blouses and other Indian garments. How is it different from bias facing? 2


Differentiate between test fitting and garment fitting.

Q12. Sanya is dressed up in a skirt for a birthday party. How can she check the element of ‘balance’ in the skirt? 2

Q13. List two types each of skirts and pants worn by women. 2

Q14. a) How is French placket constructed?
b) Where is it normally used? 2

Q15. Categorize two determining factors that affect the type of underlining. 2


Q16. (a) ‘The costumes worn by screen characters in successful movies and television serials, are influential in creating market demand for similar styles at affordable price points. Justify.
b) The movies Bandit Queen and The Dirty Picture have won National award for Best costume. Name the costume designers for both the movies.

c) Name the event which exclusively showcases wedding trousseau wear.

Q17. Plan steps to prepare ‘U-neckline’. Support the answer with neat diagram. 2+1=3


Explain steps to develop Mandarin Collar, with the help of neat diagram.

Q18. a) Why pattern designers started draping their patterns on a dress form?
b) Give reason for draping not suitable method for ready to wear market.
c) Define the term ‘pattern’.

Q19. Discuss the use of following equipments:
a. Large scissors
b. Small scissors
c. Seam ripper

Q20. Rahul is a toddler. What kind of colours, fabrics and patterns should be preferred by his mother to purchase clothes for him? 3

Q21. Elaborate the following terms:
a. Fashion show
b. Petite
c. Baggy trouser

Q22. Explain three different types of grainlines.

Q23. Suggest the patterns to be avoided with diagonal print. Also suggest patterns most suitable with even plaids. 2+1=3

Q24. What are blended fabrics? Why do consumers feel confused in identifying the synthetics?


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