(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 : Informatics Practices

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme 2015-16 : Informatics Practices

Informatics Practices (Code: 065)
Sample Paper 2
Class XII (2015-16)


Time: 3Hrs.    MM: 70
   (a)    The ‘Chalchitra’ theatre has a computer network. The network is in one building.

(i) Name this type of network( out of LAN/MAN/WAN).
(ii) Name one  communication channel that can be used for fast communication between workstations of the network.    (2)
    (b)    Explain in brief any 2 security threats to Computer networks.    (2)
    (c)    Write the advantages of using Unicode to represent text.    (2)
    (d)    Write one example each  of URL and IP address.    (2)
    (e)    Identify the topology shown below. Write 2 advantages of this topology.    (2)

2    (a)    While working in Netbeans, Ms. Sonia has designed a login page where she wants to display “Welcome” or “Try again” message depending on the password entered by the user in text field named ‘jTexField1’. If password entered is “India”, ‘Welcome’ message should be displayed otherwise ‘Try again’ message should be displayed. Help her  in  choosing  more  appropriate  statement  out  of  'If  statement'  and  'Switch statement'. Give reason for your choice.    (1)

    (b)    Write Java code to assign the value 10 to variable x and store its square value in another variable y.    (1)
    (c)    Deepti works as a programmer in a travel company. She has developed the  following code to display  travel detail according to user’s choice. Help her in rewriting the same code using SWITCH CASE:

jTextField1.setText(“New Delhi to Goa”);
else if(choice==2)
jTextField1.setText(“New Delhi to Paris”);
else if(choice==3)
jTextField1.setText(“New Delhi to Bangkok”);
jTextField1.setText(“Pl. choose valid option”);    (2)

    (d)    Shambhavi has to design two web pages with following specifications:
i.    One web page should have an unordered list.
ii.    Another web page should have background “Yellow” in colour.

Suggest her suitable tag(s) and attribute(s) for the above specifications.    (2)
    (e)    Albert works as a website developer in Global Website Designers company. Currently he has created following tags in XML:


Are these tags part of HTML code or XML code?

Are these same same or different?    (2)
    (f)    How many times will the loop execute?

int value1 =7,value2=19;
}while(value1<=value2);    (2)
   (a)    Consider the table ‘empsalary’.    (1)

To select  tuples with some salary ,Siddharth has written  the following erroneous SQL
SELECT ID, Salary FROM empsalary WHERE Salary = something;

Write the correct SQL statement.    
    (b)    Consider the table ‘Employee’.


Write the SQL command to obtain the following output :    (1)


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