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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (NCC)

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (NCC)

Max marks : 49 marks Common Syllabus


21 marks Special Subject

Duration: 3 hours


1. What is ‘Sajna’(dressing)in drill with arms? 2 1

2. What is radio-active waste? 9 1

3. What is the ill-effect of high sulphur di oxide content in air on our health?

4. Write any 2 Directive Principles of State Policy 1 2

5. What is the need of etiquettes in a society? (Any 2) 4 2

6. After a series of events, including the Jallianwala Bagh, it was realized that there was no prospect of getting fair treatment at the hands of British , so it was planned to withdraw the nation’s cooperation from the British government .
a) Identify the movement.
b) Under whose leadership this movement was started?
c) What was the outcome of this movement?
7. What are the 3 fundamentals of side pace? 2 3
8. Weapon training is a very important component of NCC program.

Explain giving 3 relevant points.

9. Explain the role of NCC carcass disposal groups at the time of any natural or manmade calamity.

10. State the laws of aiming. 3 4

11. Apart from boiling & filtration explain any 4 ways of water purification. 7 4

12. From 962 for every 1000 boys in the year 1981 , the sex ratio has decreased to an all time low of only 914 girls for 1000 boys in 2011.
a) Identify & explain the cause of dropping sex- ratio in the given period.
b) Explain any three effects of the given situation

13. What is self- awareness ? Explain any 5 dimensions of self- awareness. 2 6

14. What procedure is followed by the Guard Mounting NCO with regard to the inspection of the Guard?

15. State the objective of ‘obstacle training’ for an NCC Cadet. Enlist the safety measures to be followed during this course. What are the benefits of obstacle training course for a cadet?

Special Subjects

A. Army

1. What is a contour? 2 1

2. What is a modem? 6 1

3. Write about any two methods used in finding north? 2 2

4. Write about any two uses of service protector? 2 2

5. Mention about any four facilities that videophone provide? 6 2

6. Write about any three characteristics of Infantry. 1 3

7. With regard to 5.56MM INSAS rifle provide the following information:
(i) Length of rifle with bayonet.
(ii) Effective range
(iii) Muzzle velocity
(iv) Principal of operation
(v) Mode of fire
(vi) Normal rate of fire

8. Why is the study of military history is a must for political & military commanders? (Any three points)

9. What are the factors that help in the recognition of an object? (Any four)

B. Navy

1. How do we judge the correctness of the Sailing models? 8 1

2. Why is the knowledge of swimming necessary for a naval cadet? 9 1

3. Mention the parts of sail.

4. Explain the following terms:
(a) Reaching
(b) Sailing free

5. Write about any two types of fire fighting extinguishers used in navy.

6. Explain the system of watches on a naval ship. 1 3

7. What is the role of submarines? 2 3

8. What is a prosing? Mention any 4 prosigns which are used in Semaphore?

9 (a) What is the full form of RADAR? Mention about any two types of radars used in navy.
(b) Mention any 4 fittings we generally find in a ship.

C. Air Force

1. Who were known as Hawai Sepoys? 1 1

2. Name the President who proclaimed a national emergency under Article 353 of the Indian Constitution in 1971?

3. What are the special features of Light Combat Aircraft(LCA) 3 2

4. What is the purpose of Air Traffic Control Services?(Any 2) 5 2

5. How many types of aero engines are in use? Explain any one of them.

6. Define the following:
(a) Chord length
(b) Drag
(c) Angle of incidence

7. What are the three basic elements required in a map? Explain 6 3

8. What safety code will be followed by a cadet with regard to Radio control?

9. (a) What is unique about Ionosphere?
(b) What is a fuselage?
(c) What is a radar? Write about any two basic parts of a radar.


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