(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Shorthand

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2019-20 : Shorthand

Class: XII
Shorthand English-608
Sample Question Paper 2019-20


Attempt any 10 Questions out of the following. Each question carries one mark:  (10X1) =10

Fill in the Blanks with suitable words in the following questions:

1. Diphone signs are placed on ___________ places of a Consonant.

2. Prefix ‘Self’ is represented by a_____________ circle to be written close to the following stroke in the second vowel place.

3. Contractions are generally written __________ the line.

4. Doubling Principle is used in forming Advanced Phrases for the words_______.

5. Stroke ‘S’ is employed to represent the word _________ in forming Intersections.

Answer the following questions in not more than 25 words each:

6. Explain by giving suitable examples the rules for writing Consonant ‘L’ in downward direction.

7. How is the Prefix ‘Magna/Magni/Magne’ represented in Shorthand?

8. Define General Contractions.

9. Explain with examples the use of ‘N hook’ in forming Advanced Phrases.

10. Which words are represented by Downward ‘R’ in forming Intersections?

Explain by giving suitable examples in Shorthand.

11. Explain the use of Halving Principle in forming Advanced Phrases. Write suitable Shorthand examples.

12. How are the following Suffixes represented in Shorthand?

  • i. ‘Logical-ly’
  • ii. ‘Would’/’Word’


Attempt any 5 Questions out of the following in not more than 50 words each. Each question carries 3 marks: (5X3) =15

13. How many Diphones are there in Pitman Shorthand and how are they represented?

14. Write any six Shorthand Outlines by using Suffixes ‘Ship’ and ‘Meant’.

15. Explain by giving suitable examples in Shorthand the omission of consonant ‘N’ in forming General Contractions.

16. How are the Special Contractions formed by intersecting Consonants? Give suitable examples in Shorthand.

17. How Consonant ‘SH’ is written before Consonants ‘F’, ‘V’, ‘TH’, ‘KR’, ‘GR’, ‘KL’, ‘GL’, ‘FR’, ‘VR’, ‘MR’ and ‘L’? Give suitable examples in Shorthand.

18. Write any six words (Intersections) in Shorthand by intersecting Consonants ‘P’ and Downward ‘K’.

19. Define Intersections. Write any four Intersections in Shorthand.


Attempt any 1 Question out of the following in not more than 150 words each. Each question carries 5 marks: (5X1) = 5

20. Describe in detail the rules of representing Suffixes and Terminations in Shorthand.

21. How are the Advanced Phrases formed in Shorthand? Explain the rules by giving suitable Shorthand examples.

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