(Papers) FTII JET-2022-23: Diploma in Cinematography Paper-2

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(Papers) FTII JET-2022-23: Diploma in Cinematography Paper-2

1: Answer the following question. (Marks/20)

1. Visualize yourself doing a train journey to a small town somewhere in India in the last week of December. You get down on a railway station which has only one platform. You can see the railway tracks meeting far away where the Sun is going to touch the horizon in 10 minutes. You walk past a bench, a ticket counter, a waiting room and come near a tea shop. You order a tea. After spending 10 minutes on the railway station, you enter the town. Next to the station there is a crowded open flower market. After crossing the market in five minutes, you come in front of a seemingly old cinema hall. There is comparatively less crowd here. The next show of a film is about to begin. You decided to watch the film. You buy a ticket from the ticket counter after standing in the queue for five minutes and buy a packet of chips from a food stall. You spend five minutes outside the cinema hall before entering inside. After the show is over, you come out and start walking on the road. At the end of the road, there is a narrow lane with a street light, which connects to a vast open land. After crossing the lane, far in the distance you can see a locality with a few houses, a local shop and some activity of people. There is no electricity in this locality. The sky is clear with full moon and no clouds. You walk past a lake to reach the locality and start enquiring with local people about a place to spend the night. Describe the visuals of your journey. 

a) On the railway station
b) Outside the cinema hall before the show
c) While walking from the narrow lane till reaching the locality Your description should have details of space, light and shadow, light sources, colour, contrast, mood, feeling and any other visual detail you may wish to add.
d) Select any one of the above three situations for a one minute smartphone video for social platform travel blog. Describe the content and style of the video, creative choices, camera setting/techniques you will use to shoot the video. 

2. Write a brief note in not more than four sentences on any four of the following topics.

a) Impressionism
b) Use of perspective in photography
c) Visible spectrum of light 
d) Dada Saheb Phalke
e) Pin hole camera


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