(Papers) FTII (TV Wing) JET-2022-23: Three Year Under Graduate Programme in (Animation and Visual Effects Design) Paper-1

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(Papers) FTII (TV Wing) JET-2022-23: Three Year Under Graduate Programme in (Animation and Visual Effects Design) Paper-2

Directions (Question 1) : Answer the following question. (Marks/20)

1. Draw 05 cartoon characters using any alphabets as basic shapes and highlight alphabet in the character.

Directions (Questions 2-7) : Answer any three of the following questions. (Marks/10×3=30)

2. What is Colour Theory and how is it beneficial during animation production? Also, comment on subtractive and additive colour theories with example. 

3. Draw a composition of your choice using Pattern and Rhythm principle of art. Also, comment upon Moroccan pattern. Draw any one pattern and explain it.

4. Draw an imaginary composition with the following units in their relative sizes. Use pencil shading and one side lighting only.
(a) Fruit basket with three fruits (slice of watermelon, banana, apple).
(b) Two glass bowls with ice-cream and spoons.

5. Draw a scene with 3 characters discussing something with each other. Write about what they are discussing and give a title. Use dialogue, if needed.


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