CBSE Class-10 Exam 2018 : Marking Scheme, Social Science

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CBSE Class-10 Exam 2018 : Marking Scheme

Question Paper Social Science

CBSE Class-10 Exam 2018 : Social Science (Delhi)

Secondary School Examination (March, 2018)

Social Science –Class X

Marking Scheme 32/1, 32/2, 32/3

General Instructions:

1. The Marking scheme provides general guidelines to reduce subjectivity in the marking. The answers given in the Marking Scheme are suggested answers. The content is thus indicative. If a student has given any other answer which is different from the one given in the Marking Scheme but conveys the meaning, such answers should be given due weightage.

2. Evaluation is to be done as per instructions provided in the Marking Scheme. It should not be done according to one’s own interpretation or any other consideration. Marking Scheme should be strictly adhered to and religiously followed.

3. If a question has parts, please award marks in the right hand side for each part. Marks awarded for different parts of the question should then be totalled up and written in the left margin and encircled.

4. If a question does not have any parts, marks be awarded in the left-hand margin.

5. If a child has attempted an extra choice question, answer of the question deserving more marks should be retained and the other answer scored out.

6. While evaluating the answer book it should be remembered that Social Science course at this stage is a part of general education and therefore does not require a specialized study of the four subjects – History, Geography, Civics and Economics which comprise it.

7. Except for questions which require recall of information, the responses of students should be evaluated in terms of the understanding that they reflect. Listing down of points without any explanation may not be proper indication of the examinee’s understanding.

8. A mere listing of large number of points should not be seen as a better answer than fewer points well explained. The answer of latter type should be given credit.

9. Reference to the page number of the prescribed text books has been given for various questions. This is for the information of the examiners and a reading of these pages of the text books may be useful in assessing the answer scripts. Page number in the Marking Scheme refers to the N.C.E.R.T. books (latest edition).

10. A full scale of marks 0 to 90 has to be used. Please do not hesitate to award full marks if the answer deserves.

Specific Instructions:

11. The Marking Scheme carries only suggested value points for the answers. These are only guidelines and do not constitute the complete answer. The students have their own expression and if the expression is correct, the marks should be awarded accordingly.

12. As per orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the candidates are being permitted to obtain photocopy of the evaluated Answer Book on request on payment of the prescribed fee. All Examiners/ Head Examiners are once again reminded that they must ensure that evaluation is carried out strictly as per value points per each answer as given in the Marking Scheme.

13. All the Head Examiners are instructed that while evaluating the answer scripts, if the answer is found to be totally incorrect the (x) should be marked on the incorrect answer and awarded ‘0’ marks.

14. The Examiners should acquaint themselves with the guidelines given in the Guidelines for Spot Evaluation before starting the actual evaluation.

15. Every Examiner should acquaint himself/herself with the marking schemes of all the sets.

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