CBSE Class-10 Exam 2019 : Marking Scheme, Home Science

CBSE Class-10 Exam 2019 : Marking Scheme

Question Paper Home Science

CBSE Class-10 Exam 2019 : Home Science

Secondary School Examination (March- 2019)

Home Science (064)

Marking Scheme Code No.37

Q.1 Any Two:-
 (a) Onset of puberty. ½ x 2= 1
 (b) Person develops from child to and adults.
 (c) Between the age of 11-18 years.
 (d) Any others.
 Any Two:-
 (a) Final stage of normal life.
 (b) 60 or 65 yrs of age or above.
 (c) stage of emptiness.
 (d) after retirement .

Q.2. Any Two:- ½ x 2= 1
 (a) Push/pull toys
 (b) building blocks
 ( c) any others.

Q.3. A person who comes in direct contact with utensils/food while cooking, storing and packaging food. 1

Q.4. Any Two ½ x 2= 1
 (a) always keep your food covered . 
 (b) cook and served food in washed , clean and sterilized crockery and cutlery.
 (c ) hold the glasses from the bottoms and other utensils from handles.
 (d) any others.

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