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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (English Core)

(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (English Core) 

1. Reading Passage 1

12 marks

1. Small actions and decisions are important in one’s life 1mark
2 Gave up bad habits 1 mark
3. Every day Gandhi made efforts to change himself in some small way
4. In small ways 1 mark
5. built character 1 mark
6. sequential series - Ex of child 1 mark
7. ay.. to make oneself grow in a small way - every 1mark
8..tried to change himself – reform –grow in small ways 1 mark
9. practice- discipline –self mastery – used freedom in right way – worked on small things – learned from mistakes. 1 mark
10. small step –one at a time – remain optimistic 1 mark
11 nurtured, impact 2 marks

2. Passage 2

10 marks

1. b) traditional music, art, literature
2. d) saree
3.soothing effect –refreshing – brightens intellect
4. Thousands flock to hear – sit all night in adverse conditions –
5. Very pure – enchanting – divine
6. soft beauty – soft pace 1 mark
7. South Indian – graceful, enchanting - voluptuous – pure - full of life –divine North Indian – monotonous, mechanical
8. Rukmani Devi Arundale’s Kalakshetra
9. pleasant, urbane

3. Passage 3 Note Making and Summary

8 marks

Title - Work : Desirable or Boring
Abbreviations : work – wrk. hour – hr., advantage – adv., opportunities – opp.
Positively - +ly., exercise – ex.

1. Doing wrk leads to

a) Happiness
b) unhappiness

2. Adv. Of wrk

brings relief, delight, compulsive worthwhile input daily, occupied, fills time usefully, feel pleasant, prevents boredom, makes holidays more important & zestful, provides chances of success ,good opportunities, fulfillment of ambition, sound income, continuity of purpose

3. Disadv of wrk Unspeakable boredom, waste of tme, something out of compulsion
4. Wrk – desirable – for complete happiness Summary Coherence, spellings, grammar, sequence, correct understanding of the content, punctuation
4.Poster Layout- Eye catching and visually attractive 1 mark

Content – Highlights of the main topic- Need of saving electricity 2 marks

Expression – Grammatical accuracy, spellings 1 mark



Content- what, where, when 2 marks
Expression – Coherence, relevance, spellings, grammatical accuracy 1 mark

5. Letter

Format Writer’s add, date, receivers add, subject, salutation, complimentary close.

Content – Uncovered manholes, frequent accidents

- Can be lethal for all persons, especially small children.
- Causes bad smell, pollution, breeding area for mosquitoes
- Lack of street light adds to the woes and difficulties.
- Authorities should take action. 3 marks

Expression – Coherence and relevance, grammar and spellings


Format Writer’s add, date, receivers add, subject, salutation, complimentary close.

Content – Introduction reference to the advertisement
Complete Bio data 3 marks
Expression – Coherence and relevance, grammar and spellings



Report animal abuse if you see it
Understand the link between animal cruelty and abuse
Teach children to respect animals
Volunteer to help animals
Support law that promotes kindness to animals
Expression – Coherence, relevance, 2.5 marks
Spellings, grammatical accuracy 2.5 marks




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