(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (English Elective) 2014-15

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Marking Scheme (English Elective) 2014-15

General Instructions:

1. The answers given below are suggestive. Give credit to the students if they have made a relevant point which may not have been included in the answers listed below.
2. No marks may be deducted for exceeding word limit.
3. Suggested break up of marks has been indicated against each question. Award marks accordingly .
4. In the Writing Section the 10 marks may be divided as follows: Content: 5 marks Organisation : 2 ½ marks ( This includes fluency, relevant style ,coherence and logical flow of ideas) Expression: 2 ½ marks ( this includes grammatical, accuracy, punctuation, spellings, range of vocabulary, originality of ideas and expression)


Q. 1 a


  • Ability to test local and global comprehension of an unseen passage

  • Ability to interpret and read between the lines and respond appropriately

  • Award 2 marks for each answer one for each subpart . Accept any other relevant response.

1) i. Climate change may effect skiing activities
ii. Chipotle Mexican grill reported that they may have to take off guacamole from their menu

2) i. By saying that ‘The sky is not falling.” And that guacamole was available in all their restaurants,
ii. that as a public company they needed to disclose potential issues which
could have an impact on their business

3) i. General public has limited awareness of the potential dangers of global warming,
ii. whereas almost all scientists agree that human activity is responsible for global warming and is a potential danger.

4. i. Whereas scientists reached a consensus on dangers of global warming,
ii. journalists mislead public by reporting interviews with skeptics and keeping the issue open for discussions.

5. i. Journalists tend to give two sides to a story
ii. Porter Fox states that the potential dangers due to global warming are not a debatable issue. It is a reality and must be accepted at its face value.

6. i. Seminal events are covered by media which raises concerns amongst general public for a short period only and is soon forgotten
ii. If t story lines are embedded in Bollywood films then one can expect greater impact.



  • To test student’s ability to interpret and understand overall message of a poem

  • To test student’s ability to understand the structure and form of poetry and infer implicity stated meaning.

  • Award one mark for each correct response. Accept any relevant response if not stated in the marking scheme.

1. a confessional poem expressing regret of a soldier who had returned victorious from war and quite forgot about his colleague who was not so lucky and was in enemy captivity facing torture. 2marks

2. put ones life in danger 1 mark

3. i. captive soldier / soldiers tortured brutally .
ii. lines are : while you were braving torture and crime could hear your screams and crying 2 marks

4. it reinforces the guilt and feeling of shame 1 mark

5. i. fight an enemy.
ii. victorious.
iii. went in vain
iv. let him down



  • To test the ability of a student to write a sustained piece of writing – an essay, article or speech

  • To test student’s ability to organize relevant matter in a logical and smooth flow of ideas

  • To test student’s ability to express himself in a variety of structures, range of vocabulary, literary expresssions using appropriate style and format.


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