(Download) NIOS Question Paper Of English Senior Secondary

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(Download) NIOS Question Paper Of English Senior Secondary

Time: Three Hours

Maximum Marks: 100

1. Read the following extracts carefully Choose any ONE extract and answer the questions that follows:

It was good that I lost my sight when I did, because having no memories of seeing there was nothing to look back to, nothing to miss. I went blind in November 1937. At that rime we were living in Gujrat, in the province of Punjab in northern India. After my sickness we moved to Lahore, a few miles away, but the number of relatives who come to sympathies made my father ask for another transfer, this time to karnal, where we had neither friends nor relatives. There we got a cottage on the canal bank built in very peaceful and quiet surroundings.

(i) Who is the I in the passage?    1
(ii) Which sentence tells us that the author was not born blind?  1
(iii) When and where did it happen?   1
(iv) Why was his father eager for a transfer?   1
(v) Which word in the passage mean the same as “expressing a feeling of concern”  1


Jagdish Babu had come form a distant regional and was alone. In the hustle and bustle of the market – place, in the clamour of the café everything seemed unrelated to himself. May be after living here for a while an growing used to it, he’d start feeling some intimacy in the surroundings. But today the place seemed alien. Then he began remembering nostalgically the people of his village region, the school and college boys there, and café in the nearby town.

Tea Sha’b

Jagdish Babu flicked the ash from his cigarette. In the boy’s pronunciation of shab he sensed something which he has been missing. He started to follow up the speculation – ‘what’s your name?

(i) What were Jagdish Babu’s feeling while sitting in the café?    1
(ii) What in the boy cought jagdish Babu’s attention?    1
(iii) What did Jagdish Babu sense?   1
(iv) Which two words /phrases in the passage refer to ‘loud confused noise’  2

2. Answer the following in about 60-65 word: -

a) What is the truth that Aradhana wanted to find out? What did she actually discover?


b) What would happen to earth after we have exhausted our resources of oil and coal?

Mention two effects.

3. Answer any 3 of the following in about 20-25 words each. (2x3 = 6)

i. Who was the more intelligent of the two:
Gerrard or the intruder? Give one reason

ii. What would have happened to Sunil Gavaskar if he did not have a hole in his ear lobe?
iii. According to Nehru what is the conflict we face today?
iv. Most wild animals avoid human being. Why did the tiger come straight at Baldeo?
v. In ‘Father, Dear Father’ why did Rahul write the letter?

4. Answer the following questions in about 20-25 words each: - (2x2 = 4)

a) Who did the scorpion sting? How did the victim react?
b) In the poem “where the mind is without fear” what kind of ‘a heaven of freedom’ did the poet imagine for his country?

5. (a) Use the correct form of the verbs given in brackets: (5)

This box ______ (weigh) a lot. If ________ (be) too heavy for me to
lift. I _______ just _________ (give) the box to the postman. Right
now he ___ (weigh) it to see how much postage it _______ (need)

(b) Combine the following sets of sentences into single sentences-each using the world given in brackets: (5)

i) I won’t return my book to the library.
I will finish my research project first (until)
ii) She was wearing a beautiful black sari. Her brother gave it to her. (which)
iii) Many people don’t drink coffee. Many people him to paint the house. (Whom)
iv) It was still hot in the room. I had turned on the air-conditioner. (although)

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