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CBSE Class-10 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Painting)

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CBSE Class-10 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Painting)

  • Subject : Painting
  • Time allowed : 3 hours
  • Maximum Marks : 80


Instruction : Write answers for all the six parts of the questions.

1. (i) Which one is the ‘Primary or Basic colour’ among the following ?
(A) Yellow
(B) Green
(C) Orange
(D) Violet

(ii) Which one is a principle of painting-composition among the following ?
(A) Space
(B) Line
(C) Balance
(D) Colour

(iii) Which colour-medium is the ‘Transparent medium’ among the following ?
(A) Oil-colour
(B) Acrylic-colour
(C) Pastel-colour
(D) Water-colour

(iv) Which one of the following pencils provides an effect of more blackness ?
(A) H pencil
(B) HB pencil
(C) 4B pencil
(D) 6B pencil

(v) In which State are the world-famous Ajanta cave-temples located ?
(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Karnataka
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Telangana

(vi) Where is Mohenjodaro, related to the Indus Valley civilization,situated ?
(A) India
(B) Pakistan
(C) Afghanistan
(D) Iran


Instruction : Give short answers for any three parts of the following question (in about 15 words each) :

2. (a) What is the difference between Poster-colours and Oil-pastels ?

(b) In your opinion, which number of any two brushes are usually needed for colouring in the paintings at Secondary classes-level and why ?

(c) What is the difference between shade and shadow ?

(d) How many colours are there in a ‘Rainbow’ and which one exists above all these colours ?


Instruction : Answer both parts of the following question (in about 30 words each) :

3. (a) Why do you like or dislike to use water-colours for painting ?

(b) Which type of drawing-paper would you like to use for your
painting and why ?


Instruction : Answer the following question (in about 100 words) :

4. Evaluate any one of the following art-works on the basis of the  fundamentals of Visual Arts (elements and principles) :
(a) Any wall painting based on Folk Art (Warli or Mandana) done by students in the school premises.
(b) Any sculpture observed by the students during an educational tour.


Instruction : Answer the following question (in about 100 words) :

5. Appreciate any one Indian painting/sculpture/architecture (building) studied under the ‘Story of Indian Art’, to which you are attracted the most and explain why.


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NEW!  CBSE Papers PDF: Class-X, Class-XII