CBSE Class-12 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Psychology)

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CBSE Class-12 Exam 2020 : Question Paper (Psychology)

  • Subject :-Psychology
  • Class : XII
  • Year : 2020


1. The situational perspective views human behaviour as mostly a result of _________ factors. 1
2. _________ is the ability to produce ideas, objects for problem solutions that are novel and innovative. 1

3. Karim watches TV when he is stressed due to pending assignments in school. According to Endler and Parker, he is using _________ mechanism of coping. 1

4. The self is described as a/an _________ when it gets affected. 1

5. The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were known as the _________,because the scientific method replaced faith and dogma. 1

6. Dhruv fidgets, squirms, climbs and runs around the house aimlessly. He is distracted, inattentive and seems overactive in class. Thus, he neither follows instructions, nor completes assignments. The psychologist has diagnosed him with _________. 1

7. When someone is sociable and outgoing, as well as enjoys meeting friends, relatives and other people at social gatherings, she/he can be classified as an introvert. (True/False) 1

8. When children use name-calling, swearing and abusive words, they are using the _________ form of aggressive behaviour. 1

9. _________ refers to repeated association of a desired response with a positive consequence. 1

10. Tarun’s group has won the elections from his constituency. His opponents, Ramesh and his group, are weak and too small in number. Tarun often expresses frustration and negative attitude towards Ramesh’s group. This is known as _________. 1 

11. Sometimes we think of the target person in terms of whatever information comes at the end. And, this has a stronger influence on a person’s formation of impression. This may be due to the _________. 1 

12. _________ is a collection of people who may be present at a place/situation by chance. 1

13. A branch of psychology called _________ deals with various psychological issues pertaining to the human-environment interactions in a very broad sense of the term. 1

14. Mandeep wants to clean the river in his village. He is actively working to achieve his goal. This behaviour is a part of _________ behaviour. 1

15. Skill is the proficiency or dexterity that is acquired or developed through training and experience. (True/False) 1

16. One can communicate and exchange messages without using any verbal language. These acts of communication are a part of _________. 1

17. Atul states and writes down a summary of what he understood of the communication held between him and his client. Thus, he is _________ the communicated message. 1


18. Aditya has to interview a famous politician on a live TV show. Which is the most appropriate type of interview he can use ? 2

19. What do you understand by creative visualization ? 2 
What is burnout ? Explain any one cause of burnout. 2

20. State any four significant features of attitudes. 2 

21. Explain any two characteristics of a group. 2
Explain any two differences between primary and secondary groups. 2


22. Supriya has broken the norms of a village by pursuing a higher level course in aviation. She deviated from the social norms of her village where higher education for girls was neither motivated nor accepted. Is her behaviour abnormal ? Explain with reference to four Ds. 3

23. You have assessed twenty peers of your class for mathematical comprehension/knowledge. Create a distribution for the results that you are most likely to expect. What is the shape of the distribution ? 3

24. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of observation. 3
Explain the typical format of a counselling interview. 3    


25. Think of any international conflict. Suggest conflict resolution strategies for the same. 4

26. Natural disasters are stressful experiences that are a result of nature’s fury. There are ways of being prepared to minimise their devastating consequences. Develop any one action plan which can be used at the community level and will help people to deal with the disasters effectively. 4

27. What is attitude ? Explain its various components. 4

28. Explain how life skills can help meet life challenges. 4
Explain any four stress management techniques. 4

29. Describe the symptoms of any two anxiety disorders. 4
Classify and explain the symptoms of eating disorders. 4

30. Angad has been a topper in class. He went to the topmost college, where he was neither sensitive to his own self or to others. This led to problems in interpersonal relationships with reference to his condition. Explain the importance of emotional intelligence in his life. 4


31. How do you define personality ? Explain any one approach to the study of personality. 6
How do projective techniques assess personality ? Explain any two well-known projective techniques. 6

32. Discuss the various techniques used in behaviour therapy. 6
Explain the key features of cognitive therapies as explained by Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck. 6. 


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