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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (Graphic Design)

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 2016-17 Sample Paper And Marking Scheme (Graphic Design)



General Instructions

1. The question paper is divided into two section A and B.
2. Section A is theory part based on the textbook and is of 40 marks.
3. Section B is Application Based. This is of 20 marks
4. Student will have to attempt 20 questions in all. Some questions have internal choice.

Note: Student need to carry pencil colours & Sketch pens for application based answers.

Section A

Q.N. Answer the following questions in three to five sentences each. (1x5=5)

1 What is Teleology?

2. What is Thumbnail?

3. What do you understand with the term Aesthetic?

4. Define Design Brief?

5.What are the two major categories of Digital Images?


What are Scanners?

Answer the following questions in 80-100 words each. (3x4=12)

6. Describe Design process?

7. Drawing plays an important part in graphic design. Describe its importance.

8. What do you understand by warm and cool colour?

9. What is Digital Image editing?


Newspaper is playing an important role in our lives and has many advantages. Describe few of them.

Answer the following questions in 100-120 words each. (5x3=15)

10. Layout enhances the usual appearance of design. Describe the different type of layout.

11. What is corporate social responsibility?

12. Radio is an important electronic media. Evaluate its advantages and disadvantages.


Television and outdoor mediums are so popular among masses. Differentiate between them.

Answer the following questions in 150-200 words each. (8x1=8)

13 Graphic Design can be a game changer in the contemporary scenario. Justify this statement.


Creativity is the backbone of any Graphic Design. Describe creativity and its processes in graphic design.

Section B

Answer the following questions. (3x4=12)

14. Take 3 circles, make a design within a box of 2”x2” and colour it.


Make a slogan on ‘Save Girl Child’ and write it in San Serif Style.

15. By using primary colours, make a pattern design within a circle of diameter

16. Take first two letters of your name and compose a design within a rectangle of & colour with 2 colours only.

17. Design a logo for ‘Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan’ with black colour within a size of

Answer the following questions. (5x2=10)

18. Make a poster on ‘Anti- Corruption’ with suitable graphic’s within a size of 5”x7” & Justify the concept.

19. What is the role of website in todays lives? Design a suitable webpage layout for ‘Mobile Phone Company’.


What is the role of magazine in our lives? Design a cover page for ‘India Today’ with colours.

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