(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2022-23: Entrepreneurship

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(Download) CBSE Class-12 Sample Paper 2022-23 : Entrepreneurship

  • Sample Question Paper (Term-1) 2022-23
  • Subject Name : Entrepreneurship
  • Time Allowed: 90
  • Subject Code: 066
  • Minutes Maximum Marks: 40

Section A

1 Given below are the factors necessary for developing a successful idea.Identify the correct combinations from the given options.
a. Skills and Knowledge
b. Trends and demand
c. Skills, Knowledge and competencies
d. Trends, demand and change

2 ‘Polymer Ltd’ decided to diversify into manufacturing pipes and plastic household products apart from their water tanks business. Their finance and marketing department decided to adopt any of the two pricing strategies –
i. adding a certain percentage of profit to the cost of production
ii. selling at a lesser amount so as to capture a huge market. They put forward their funding strategy to the CEO.
The suggested pricing strategies are:
1. Cost-plus pricing
2. Skimming pricing
3. Penetration pricing
4. Competitive pricing

a. 1,2
b. 2,3
c. 3,4
d. 1,3

3 Which amongst the following values would help an entrepreneur to determine the Return on Investment?
1. Net Profit
2. Gross Profit
3. Inventory carrying cost per unit.
4. Total Capital Invested
5. Weighted average contribution

a. 2,3,5
b. 1,4
c. 1,2,3
d. 2,3

4 In the year 2012, the social media application “Chowpal” acquired “Socialite”at a purchase value of $1 billion. Both the entities operated in the social media industry and offered similar products as part of their photo-sharing services. However, Chowpal intended to further bolster its market position in the social media space, and the acquisition of Socialite exactly fitted in its scheme of the plan. The merger eventually helped Chowpal in increasing its market share, eliminating competition, and gaining access to a wider audience. Identify the type of merger: 
a. Vertical merger
b. Horizontal merger
c. Market extension merger
d. Product extension merger

5. Ashwin was working as Director Finance in Ambur Metal Works. Managing Director of the Company Kailash asked Ashwin to draft a proforma investment decision plan enlisting the funds which should be invested in different assets so that the company can get the highest possible returns. From the following identify the reason(s) that would help Ambur Metal Works. 
i. It will help the company to understand the total amount of funds required
ii. It will also help the company to assess the situation as to whether they have excess or inadequate funds.
iii. It helps the company to understand the various sources of funds
iv. It helps the company to reflect the position of the business at the end of every year
a. i only
b. i and ii only
c. i and iii only
d. i, ii, and iii only

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